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Neptune Aviation P2 down near Tooele, UT

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I knew Tom Risk well, and flew with him many times on fires.

I flew fires out of Tooele (Erda) airport for several years, and ironically dropped on fires in the same location where the P2 crashed.

Tom was a very experienced pilot in the business, and a good man. He was intelligent, and a challenging character to be around at times.

Unfortunately this is just the start of the season.
Crap crap crap, not a good way to begin things at all.
They werent even on a fire, just enroute to one in New Mexico

i wonder how many times acidents like this have to happen before things change. many of the crews are not comfortable flying ifr and many of the aircraft are not set up to fly in known icing. the oas, the operator and the captain should not allow the aircraft to launch in marginal vfr conditions on a ferry flight. same thing happened to tanker 99. what a tragedy.
You have some kind of magical insight into what occured, or is this pure speculation on your part. If so, keep it to yourself.
Ditto what AvBug said.... Ya don't build 1000's of hrs. flying strictly vfr...We (Tanker Pilots) are ALL ifr cert. and very comfortable flyin in the soup. Before things change.??? C'mon now, thats all we need, more beaurocratic b.s. / rules n regs..I think theres enough info on CFIT... Sure the P2V isn't "known ice" but I don't recall any reports of ice at the time, and I'm fairly certain that ice wasn't the culprit... I DO agree however that crew should've tightened up their CRM and discussed their escape routes if/when they did enter IMC...... My $.02

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