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Tsa Gj Loa Results

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Sweet.............even if the worst happens, I can live with myself knowing I made the right decision along with 75% of my fellow pilots here. We are not asking for anything out of reach, just industry AVERAGE stuff, and flying that should be ours any way you look at it. That offer was way below average and at least we began applying gentle pressure on the brake pedal to stop the race to the bottom.
It's nice to see voters doing something like this. Congrats
UEJ500 said:
I hope you are right on this. Any news on if G0jet is still planning to fly friday (the 16th)

If we voted "YES" we'd definately be wrong. Maybe we have a chance to make things right, time will tell. Stay tuned.
UEJ500 said:
Any news on if G0jet is still planning to fly friday (the 16th)

You know what. I honestly don't care anymore. It's like having a girlfriend you fight with all the time. I'm just ready to break up and get on with my life. I say we do what we do here at TSA and let Gayjets do whatever. We stood up for what is right and that's really all that matters.

If this company goes under, and I feel very confident that it will not, or if we shrink so much that I end up on the street, I will apply at Eagle or Expressjet or Skywest or Chautauqua or Flexjet or...you get the picture.

And when it comes time for contract negotiations at my new company and we are trying to get industry average, I'll know that while I was at TSA we kept that average a little higher by not settling for a WAY BELOW average offer.

I really do feel good about this and I honestly am ready to just move forward and not look back.
Proud to be a Waterskiier!! Great job guys and gals...Shame on you MANAGEMENT ahhh I said a dirty word.... Now I hope I have a job in a year or two.....

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