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Only regional pilots are this stupid

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It happened at Pan Am Express in the 1980' when they tried to transfer hydraulic from one side to the other,...then forgot to release the brake.....all four wheels and tires had to be replaced :0
Add Coex (XJT for you youngsters) in 2001 @ EWR to the list. Funny things happen when you are trying to "balance hydraulic fluid"...
Eagle in San Juan-ATR

Lesson...find something else to fiddle with in flight.

I know what someone is going to say, and the answer is no not that either.
Bottom line - it happens NO MATTER WHO you fly for. Pilots screw up.

The very fact that the poster - for some reason - cares to differentiate between what kind of aircraft one is flying when one screws up clearly indicates a certain level of insecurity.

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