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  • Not in AUH at the present...lived there before..much better than Saudi....Etihad will tell you right in the interview briefing..."don't come here for the lifestyle" meaning dont look for 15 days off per month etc...actually living there is quite all right will probably take a year or so after "setting up" expenses to start getting ahead...Unfortunately for you, ur at the wrong end of the wrong airline...mine was Eastern..until I walked with the machinists...life here is what you make it..and most certainly will allow you to sort out finances back home...
    Hey falcon
    Thanks for the insight, and as much as I want a wide body command it's really not that, it's being 50, at best 7 years to a left seat on reserve, at best, and being in debt and going more in debt as an f/o at Usair
    I have some idea what I'm getting into. I was in Saudi and China from the last furlough, and yes Saudi sucked, mainly due to 6 weeks at a stretch away from family. Abu Dhabi I'm sure isn't paradise but it's got for be better, I do have to old friends there that seem to like it.
    Are you there? If so I'd love to ask you some more detailed questions
    Best regards,
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