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  • Hi CorpCapt, thanks man! I am based in JFK but live in the DC area. Gladly take you up on your offer, and do the same for you if you end up here in DC. See ya on the property soon (hopefully!)
    What's going on man, just wanted to thank you for the kind words. They're plenty of **************************************** on this website as I am sure you know. Are you in the DCA domicile? If your in BNA on a RON make sure you give me a shout, i'll buy you a beer.
    not much, my fellow baby boeing type rating collector! looking forward to flossing and flying this mofo ALL OVER dis biatch! p.s. 5 June 1 vacancies for DCA/FO/737/I... hope I get it and hope you get ORD soon!
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