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Fedex: Just got the call. What now?

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Well-known member
Dec 5, 2002
A good friend of mine has been trying to get on at FEDEX for 3 years now. After a friend of his walked his info in, he finally got the call yesterday inviting him for an interview. If some of you might have the time, please share what happens next in the interview process and a general time line of the goings on. He returned her (HR Reps) call today, and she was out of the office, so he left a message. Thanks in advance for your help.
Ditto - all the information your friend needs is in MAGNUM!!'s response. Have your friend go to a seminar and use the sim prep suggested at the seminar. All the rest is minor details compared to those two things.
Call Emerald Coast ASAP (See Magnum Above). Also get the sim prep they offer. Unless you are a DC-10 pilot. Both well worth it.

All of the above... I couldn't emphasize any more about absolutely using ECC. Steve did my interview prep, and with the help of others there I was able to remember a lot of my flying stories that I had forgotten about. As for the sim prep- if you are flying glass for the past x-years... an absolute must! AJ will have you flying the -10 like you've been doing it all your life. Everyone I know who did the ECC has gotten on...

I got the call just a few days ago for a Jan 23rd class.... Merry Christmas to me!

Sim Check

Do all that interview at FDX fly the DC-10 for their sim check?
Lately I've been told the sim check is in the DC-10 - but there's always a small chance you'll get the Airbus or even 727........probably depends if the -10 breaks or not....

I did mine in the Airbus, but that was in 2000.
Does fedex put most new hires in an FE position? What determines it you will start of as an FO or FE?

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