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crw overrun transcript

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Another chilling read but this one I can relate to unlike Buffalo. The V1 call isn't going to help their case.
yeah....tough call.

anyone ever done this in the sim? I sure would hate to climb out of CRW with the spoilers out.
I don't think the spoilers were out out I think it is just related to the flap conf warning. I think.
Just remember, after any incident, remain silent, and call ALPA accident hotline first. Alot of chatter after the fact. Doesn't help the situation.
16:03:40 is not good either I know it has nothing to do with this, but they look at it for character. On the other hand I don't remember last night. He pretty much explains the end of his career at 16:25:42
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Jesus they don't even need to investigate this he decided to sit in the cockpit and just talk, at least he talked to the pax and got them where they needed to be. The CHQ crew in CLE just sat in the cockpit till the pax got off

well okay i'm gonna tell you exactly what happened. Um well yeah we
were— we were flaps eight okay? Well uh # the data said flaps
twenty...and it was at eight so as we're going down the runway i kind of
noticed that so i put it to twenty and then we got config flaps probably i'm
sure because they were movin'. So i just figured # okay i'll stop. You know
i got config flaps config spoilers so like # you know so i tried to stop and it
# went—yeah. So you know how— how am i gonna #— so cause
obviously they're gonna come and look at all this # right? They're gonna be
able to see it...yeah...no hold on a second. Hey everybody's fine right in

the back. Hey is the gear—the gear hasn't collapsed or anything has it?

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