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AA's new B scale

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NAA Pilot

Well-known member
Feb 20, 2004
I hear that the APA and AA are in discussion to create a new B-scale to keep the eagle flowthroughs away. They are talking about a 10 years b-scale that does not go above $35,000 and no pension for those with less pay seniority then 8 years.

If the APA gives AA this, AA will give the APA "Length of Service" to all those furloughed.
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My God! AA starting the "B" Scale a second time? Here we go again. Will it ever end?
Why are these AA guys so anti Eagle flow throughs? Didn't about 400 AA furloughs (about 1/3 of the Eagle CA total) take advantage of the flowback to Eagle thus avoiding being thrown out on the street? Didn't these Eagle CA's with numbers, all of whom have been with the company for nearly 20 years, get their AA numbers fairly and squarely nearly 10 years ago? And should they now not be given the opportunity to work at AA where it has to be better than Eagle? Anybody who works there care to respond?
Because arbitrations have determined that those flow-thrus should get class dates before all AA furloughees have been recalled.

Ok, but I thought it was based on when a pilot got his AA seniority number. Since an Eagle captain got his number when he upgraded to RJ captain and had to put 2 years in the left seat of the RJ before going to AA, he would have been placed ahead of many of the TWA guys plus all of the AA hires that were hired while the Eagle pilot was doing his 2 year seat lock. Whats the big deal anyway, I have heard it's only about 200 Eagle guys. Thats like 2.5% of your total pilot workforce. Geez. Just for comparison, weren't there like 400 AA guys flow back to Eagle as Captains, thus saving them from getting furloughed. 400 guys who went to the top half of a seniority list of about 2700. Thats a big difference from 200 guys going to the bottom part of an 8500 pilot workforce.
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Simple. Eagle CAs have never flown a day in their life at AA. Furloughed AA pilots have, whether they're AA or TWA. As such, the arbiTRAITOR's ruling is ridiculous. ALL AA pilots should be recalled before ANY Eagle flowthrough gets a class date. I don't give a shee-it about when their "seniority number" was awarded. The way Nicolau ruled, Eagle pilots who never flew for AA get first crack at a recall class while AA/TWA pilots FURLOUGHED FROM THEIR OWN AIRLINE have to wait. Oh, don't forget, these very same furloughed AA pilots were counted towards the 7300 "employed pilots" floor - while furloughed! Total BS. That is all.

Now all the flow backs have been booted out of the Captain seats because sup W expired, but the Eagle guys still want to flow up, yeah that's fair. AA still has close to 2000 guys on the street that actually flew for AA, many of whom are unemployed and really need to get back to work. Yet the Eagle Captains want to come onboard in front of them, clearly a violation of the AA contract. Way to go Eagle, greed and entitlement know no limits.
One problem is we have a bucket of arbitrations, not all by the same arbitrator. Even so, each previous arbitration is considered the law of the land in subsequent arbitrations.

THE problem here is that way back in a previous decision, the arbitrator took a snippet from the AA ops manual describing the full course required to bring a pilot on to the AA certificate as "new hire training". So, he determined that ANY pilot going through that course of study to be brought on to the AA operating certificate was "a new hire".

Now, that became law and when the Eagle MEC grieved the flowthroughs not being given class dates when the former TWA pilots got recalled from furlough (side by side with non-TWA, REAL AA, Native pilots who were one number senior or junior to the former TWA pilot they were sitting next to in class) the arbitrator locked on to that passage from the previous arbitration and we are where we are.

The lunacy of the law dictates that recall classes full of people who have had AA employee numbers since Dec. 2, 2001 are "new hires" when they return from furlough in 2007.

AND, it ignores a recent arbitration that declared that ALL pilots on a seniority list--even those who have not attended "new hire training" per the AA manual ARE in fact to be considered "employed" for the purposes of an arbitration considering the 7300 pilot floor and the disposition of Eagle.

It is a bucket of worms--no, a bucket of feces and it may well go to court to sort it out.


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