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Where have all the TWA gone?

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Well-known member
Mar 23, 2002
I was just curious, are there any companies where the majority of ex-TWA pilots have gone? Besides American, of course. :rolleyes: I just had the pleasure of flying with a long-time ex-TWA F/A (hired there in '74), and heard all the great stories. Man, what a fun trip. TWA was always my goal (then it was ATA, seeing a trend here), and luckily I had an opportunity to work for TWExpress and the chance to visit many of TWA's facilities before they closed shop. Even had the pleasure of flying as an FO with some ex-TWA pilots.

Got all nostalgic after hearing the stories from TWA, I decided I'd go read Bob Buck's book again for the third time. Got me curious about where most of these ex-TWA guys and gals have gone.
The majority of furloughed TWA pilots have mostly migrated to all of the airlines currently hiring, with the remainder having flowed back to Eagle. A bunch of them are at JB, AWA, Spirit, North American, Airtran, and quite a few have taken jobs overseas at JALways, Emirates, etc. Many of them had heavy B747 time which helped them out.

Out of 2300 total pilots when the buyout happened, only about 400 or so remain on the active list at AA. The rest are either fuloughed or have retired (or quit.)

Sad, sad situation, but the unfortunate result of an ugly merger (and not the first time.)

The F/As are even worse off - they were only given 5 year recall rights, and rumor is that AA is waiting the full five years so they don't have to rehire them and pay those senior pay rates to the 30+ year F/As. That sucks.

Like you Chicaga, I was a huge TWA admirer (and frequent flyer, having lived in STL for a number of years.) Flew them all over the world. Great crews, and they treated nonrevs like gold.

I too had the opportunity to fly with them when I was based in STL. Fun, fun times and a great group of pilots.

I sincerely wish all of them the best. As part of the airline industry, we are all vulnerable to these kinds of situations.
List about any outfit out there and there will be a ex-TWA pilot flying there. Cargo, Supplemental, Fractional, 135, 121, helicopters, full time guard, corporate. I too am filling in all the squares to pay the bills. Living the dream and cherishing the memories.
Two of your ex-management are at my airline. Nice guys but one of them has all ready retired. The other said we have tons of resumes from ex TWA. Good luck.
Very sad situation--lots of great folks. I've seen quite a few successful move on to JB however, as well as a few at other carriers.

TWA won a lot of awards in the late 90s for good service. I always throught their service was good, and enjoyed their food service. The TWA food was good, but they were most famous for their TWA coffee and TWA tea.:p
Alot of my former TWA brethren have found other work. Most have other flying jobs, major, regionals, fractionals, etc. Not all TWA people are allowed to flow back. Only those furloughed from July 03(?) and later are allowed to flow to Eagle. Even though we have senority numbers and pay full dues (until we were furloughed) we don't get the "full" contract. Just more salt in the wound.

At my current military assignment, at any given time I can see 5 or more furloughed TWA pilots working here. Everything from junior FO's to Captains.

Based on what I've heard I would say that those with other airline jobs won't go back. Unfortunatley, as mentioned earlier, this won't be the last time this situation will happen.

Good Luck.

Pan Am and TWA were two of the greatest airlines ever to grace the sky. I spent countless hours planewatching at JFK as a boy and dreamed of growing up and working for one of them.

Alas -- that's the airline business. TWA was sucked dry by Icahn through Caribou and never stood a chance.

I still think their TWA Terminal is one of the most beautiful structures ever erected at an airport. (See avatar.)
sorry to but in but I too was a fan of TWA then ATA etc. I am currently a "stlucian" looking for some info on USA 3000!! any info I could get would be great!

will you base out of STL?
How long of an upgrade?
How is the training?
What is the normal schedule? I hear there are several out andback?

thanks for any info you can get me!!! I knew lots of guys out at TWA after being a native CMSU alumni

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