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Trans States to Receive 14 New RJ's

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TSA Pilot

Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
They started recalling all our furloughed pilots today! This is great news!!

SOURCE: American Eagle Airlines
American Eagle Preparing to Sell 14 ERJ-145s
FORT WORTH, Texas, July 17 /PRNewswire/ -- American Eagle today announced that it has reached an agreement in principle to dispose of 14 ERJ-145, 50-seat regional jets. Ultimately, these airplanes will be acquired by Trans States Airlines, an AmericanConnection carrier. The potential deal still requires the consent of the companies financing these aircraft and is subject to the negotiation of final documentation.

"We're undertaking this move to ensure American remains in compliance with its Allied Pilots Association contract," said Peter Bowler, American Eagle's president. "We've always hoped that American and the APA would reach agreement on increasing the number of RJs that we can fly. But, in the absence of such an agreement, we must dispose of these airplanes. We are at least pleased that these planes will be flown by airlines connecting passengers to American rather than to one of American's competitors."

American's pilot contract limits the total flying done by regional airlines on American's code. One of the provisions of that contract limits the total number of regional jets with more than 44 seats flown under the AA code to 67 aircraft. Eagle's current delivery schedule of firm orders for new Bombardier CRJ aircraft, which feature seating for 70 passengers, will place the airline at this cap in January 2003.

The limitation places American Eagle at a competitive disadvantage to its competitors.

"Eagle is proud to operate more than 130 new regional jets from hubs and other cities across the country," Bowler said. "However, when expressed as a percentage of the total American Airlines fleet, Eagle's regional jet fleet is considerably smaller than the comparable figure for American's competitors and their regional affiliates."

If all parties approve the potential transactions, the planes will be delivered to Trans States beginning in November with the transition completed by early 2004. Operating the planes under its "AX" airline code, Trans States will determine how to deploy the aircraft later this year, with the first phase of deployment scheduled for its St. Louis hub where it feeds American Airlines.

Current AMR Corp. (NYSE: AMR - News) releases can be found via the Internet.
The address is http://www.amrcorp.com

SOURCE: American Eagle Airlines
Im honestly happy for you guys at TSA, but for all the Eagle pilots this is yet another straw on the camel's back! When will it end.
This is very bad news for us AE pilots who day in and day out fly those same airplanes that you are so thrilled to get. I know you as a pilot don't have much control over what our company or your company does. But realize that you are getting these airplanes at the expense of Eagle pilots carreers and livelyhoods. It pisses us of to no end to see you gloat like this. Try not to rub in our faces that we work for the sleaziest airline.

an Fo with ever shrinking seniority who has passed gas in every single one of your new airplanes
While I may have come off as gloating, please understand that i am not. If you knew the company that we work for at all you would know that trying to get some good news is next to impossible. We furlough then call back then furlough again. Then one minute were getting jets and the next "we changed our mind the climates not right" So finally you hear some good news from a reputable source (because we don't believe everything our company says) and it makes you happy which is hard to do in avaition in times like these so please accept my apology if I in any way sounded like I was gloating. I wasn't.

TSA Pilot
Am I wrong,or is this a double-whammy for Eagle pilots ? 14 airplanes gone and the 70 seaters will be flown by furloughed AA pilots and AE crews didn't get to bid them ? Somebody set me straight.

I thought I read that Eagle will be getting CRJ700s to replace the ERJs. Is this true, and if so won't the pilots be covered and not screwed?

Is TSA really recalling all of their furloughs?

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