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Outsourcing alert... UAL/Aer Lingus!!

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Well-known member
Oct 12, 2004
This is B.S.! United furloughing, Aer Lingus furloughing, and yet Aer Lingus' new alter ego company hiring pilots. Shut this M'Fer DOWN!

Aer Lingus Recruitment
First Officer - Washington Dulles
On March 28th next, Aer Lingus will commence daily scheduled service between Washington Dulles and Madrid. This service will be operated in conjunction with our code-share partner United Airlines and will capitalise on the opportunity presented by the Open Skies agreement between the United States and the European Union.

We are currently looking for experienced First Officers to join Aer Lingus at our new long haul base in Washington Dulles. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of this new team from the beginning.

Aer Lingus will operate A330, twin class aircraft flying exclusively from Washington Dulles to our launch destination Madrid, Spain.

To be considered for a position as Aer Lingus First Officer, applicants must be able to meet the following criteria:

Key Competencies include:

Highly motivated and keen to take responsibility and accountability.
Strong leadership potential with well developed teamwork skills.
Excellent communication skills combined with proven interpersonal skills.
A broad awareness of our customers' expectations.
Flexible and adaptable with an enthusiastic and positive attitude to change.

FAA - ATPL with current A330 rating or JAA - ATPL with current A330 rating*.
Current Class 1 Medical.
Minimum 3000 flying hours with at least 1000 hours on A330 aircraft*.
English Language Proficiency (ELP) ICAO level 4 or higher.
Must fulfil government-required criminal background checks to qualify for unescorted access privileges to airport security identification display areas. Must secure airport authority and/or U.S. Customs security badges, if applicable.
United States citizen or possess the legal right to work and live in the U.S. without restriction.
Possess a current unrestricted worldwide passport.
Capable of arriving at Washington Dulles airport within 1 hour when on reserve duty.
Be prepared to adhere to all Aer Lingus uniform standards, including that no tattoos, body piercings or tongue rings are visible in the Aer Lingus Uniform. Tattoos may not be covered with adhesive bandages or by other methods, to render them not visible.
A minimum of 5ft 2in (1.58m) to a maximum of 6ft 3in (1.93m) in height, with weight in proportion, such that the ability to perform all job functions is not impacted or hindered. Qualified pilots who are taller than 6ft 3in (1.93m) may submit an application but will be required to undergo a functionality check to confirm their ability to meet the requirements of the seating positions in the Aer Lingus fleet of aircraft.
*Please note: In the event that we do not receive sufficient applicants with the required A330 rating, we will accept applications from First Officers who hold a current EU/JAA licence with an A320 rating and a minimum of 1000 hours on type.

To apply for these positions: Please complete the attached Application Form and return it by email to [email protected].

The closing date for receipt of applications is 12.00 noon EST on Wednesday 16th December 2009.

Aer Lingus is an equal opportunities employer.
Aer Lingus to cut routes, 1,000-plus jobs after talks with unions failThursday December 3, 2009
Aer Lingus will "resort to other measures" in its pursuit of its required cost savings, with capacity reductions and immediate and "compulsory" redundancies in the pipeline, CEO Christoph Mueller said after negotiations with several unions broke down late Tuesday.

"We have narrowed the gap with most union groups. . .and this has brought us very close to signature with them," Mueller said, adding that the Irish Airline Pilots Assn. and, "to a lesser extent," cabin crew represented by Impact are the exception. IALPA offered "only temporary savings over a short few years" and "asked for very high compensation in return," he said yesterday. Although a "majority" of EI staff "understands [the need] for significant and urgent change," the company said it now will "take whatever actions are necessary to stabilize the business" in the absence of an agreement.

EI announced a €97 million ($146 million) savings program in October and launched the "first phase" last month, when it announced a 9.7% year-over-year drop in third-quarter revenue and a 17.6% decline in average fare (ATWOnline, Nov. 10). Now, "in the absence of real cost savings being delivered from all employee groups," it said it will "have to resort to other measures."

The airline will "move to" eliminate additional loss-making routes, resulting in operation of fewer aircraft and requiring a manpower reduction "beyond those included in the [October] Transformation Plan." It did not specify which routes or aircraft will be cut. The number of redundancies could exceed 1,000, according to press reports. Another EI board meeting is scheduled for Friday.

Mueller said he "remain confident that Aer Lingus can pursue an independent future," but Impact was not nearly as optimistic. The union called EI's decision "radical and severe" and said its proposal includes a "significant" number of job cuts it called "deeply unfair and devastating." It said EI has "returned to staff repeatedly looking for savings" over the past eight years and Impact members delivered €15 million in the spring. "As we predicted then, the company have come back looking for more with no regard to existing agreements."

Impact Assistant General Secretary Christina Carney told RTE Radio that employees wanted a stake in the company in exchange for concessions. "If [workers are] investing in the airline by contributing money in terms of pay cuts or productivity, I think there should be recognition for that investment," she said. IALPA had not commented as of late yesterday.

by Brian Straus
"A minimum of 5ft 2in (1.58m) to a maximum of 6ft 3in (1.93m) in height, with weight in proportion,...."

Weight in proportion.... interesting....

I can't believe the AL pilots are not striking over this...

How many A330 type rated guys with 1000 hours in type looking for work? Maybe I'm wrong, but probably not too many.
Keep reading...its says if they don't get enough scumbags...I mean applicants with A330 time, they would accept A320 time if you have 1000 hours in type.
Do you have 1000 ? ( JK of course. )

Your previous statement mirrors my thoughts exactly...To even consider applying for these positions, while technically, would not put you in the "S" word category...I'm not sure you could get much closer without being one.

Granted, there is no Strike, and that will be many a "pilot genius" response and justification to apply and work there.

"Well, this is just like the Republic guys taking Midwest jobs." - WRONG.

The Republic guys and gals went to work for a company ( Republic ) that, at a later date, purchased another company (Midwest ) and then phased out those employees.

In this instance, the employees of United and Aerlingus are being phased out, prior to and specifically for, being replaced by newer, lesser paid, employees.

Last edited:
ahhh the free market....

One moment you're sending out post encouraging "the creation by the DOT, of a national aviation policy" and the next you're complementing chaos. I think that ahhh is your finger slipping through the toilet paper...What is it gonna be dude??
One moment you're sending out post encouraging "the creation by the DOT, of a national aviation policy" and the next you're complementing chaos. I think that ahhh is your finger slipping through the toilet paper...What is it gonna be dude??
typing this: [sarcasm] next time....

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