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  • I DID fly for TSA. I was flying for Spirit and left for UAL. I have been since furloughed and working in Vietnam on a A320 contract. Where are you flying at now? Jeff Melhauser and Tim Connors works there still.........hopefully they can help you out.

    Let me know if I can help........

    Jeff Porter
    I am just trying to re-connect with people I have flown with in the past. I think you and I may have flown together many years ago. Did youu work at Trans States? Are you at Spirit now? I have applied there. I have made many turns in my travels and its too long of a story. However, it seems you can't get anywhere anymore without help from others. So just looking to see if you are who I think you are and could you help in any way to get me out of this place and on to somewhere better?

    If we didn't fly together, then sorry for waisting your time.

    Thanks for reading,
    David Abbott
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