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News Flash - Pinnacle Requests Type IV in August

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May 1, 2005
Today on our way to GFK, we overhear a Pinnacle crew looking for a place to divert because of the weather in MSP. A requirement for their diversionary airport was if they had Type IV anti-ice fluid. They finally felt comfortable diverting all the way to GRB, because it was the only station that had Type IV in stock in August!!!! Someone in the Pinnacle training department needs to step and start teaching certain Pinnacle crews that Type IV fluid does not keep ice off the aircraft while enroute.
It's kinda funny though....like the time we heard all the guys diverting and entering holds b/c the visibility was "below mins." I had the FO ask center to call approach and ask what the RVR was -- above mins.

We led the pack in that day after passing everyone holding at the arrival gate.
Well you have to get the type 4 if you are going to fly thru clouds. J/K. Is there anyone around in Aug that can even run the de-ice truck?
Reserve pilot pissed at acheduling and "flying by the book"? Lets screw the company go way out of our way. I've done it at my last company. Seems kind of funny in august. Without all the info who knows what was going on.
As far as the mins are concerned you folks need to realize that PCL is still Cat I, and has quite a few new (read High Mins) Captains.
I have a hard time believing the SOP's require diversion during summer based on type IV availability. Although, if they do, you can imagine what other nonsense is in there, and taught by non-pilots to boot...

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