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  • It appears that TMMT changed a title to a thread I started, is that normal FI protocol? Do you allow moderators to change posters threads? If so you just lost a member after ten plus years....
    Is not a link posted by cx880 that makes u leave FI to reboot your computer against said rules???
    Originally Posted by Stifler's Mom
    Hello, my name is Ryan. Please pardon the message out of the blue. I noticed you were one of the veterans on this forum and I was hoping I could elicit some quick help from you. I have a question for which I have not (yet) been able to find the answer for by searching the archived threads.

    If it's convenient, may I shoot you a quick a question? I understand, though, if you don't have the time. - Ryan (jax_av8r@hotmail.com)
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