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Gulfstream Academy track record

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Tokyo Tokyo!
Dec 16, 2001
I got this form the other forum but it is interesting.

The last 3 fatal airline crashes Were Colgan, Comair 5191, and Pinnacle 3701
Colgans Captain = Gulfstream
Comair's Captain = Gulfstream
Both Pinnacle Pilots = Gulfstream

Maybe their new advertising slogan should be "More of our grads are killed in aircraft accidents than any other academy".
Gulfstream Academy SUCKS!! They do NOT care about quality flight training. They care about how many "suckers" they can reel in with the "promise" of flying a p.o.s. crj200 at a crappy regional carrier. They are responsible for the deaths of many men, woman, and children over the past few years. They are a despised by every "decent" regional airline and their pilot groups. They are a useless flight school and if they stay in business, will probably be responsible for many deaths to come. They put out the worst group of pilots. Every regional that hires one of these scumbags are taking on massive risks by letting them in the flight decks of their aircraft.

With all that being said: Gulfstream Academy is, and will always continue to be a joke.
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The only question is: Which regional airline has the most former Gulfstream students? Mesa, Colgan, Pinnacle, Skywest, or Great lakes.
Those pilots are a cancer. They comprimise the safey of each and every airline who hire these faulty pilots.
If the original post is true, then there are firm grounds to stop that practice. This should be all over the news, and we should be all over Congress!

Where did you get that information?

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