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Follow your contract :HOTEL VANS

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Oct 28, 2004
Not so long ago...In a galaxy far far away.

So Capt. D-bag arranges a contractually non- compliant van ride for the last day of our 10 day (insert sarcasm here) trip. Although he does not directly inform me of this, I discover that he intends to have the crew on a van that departs the hotel 1 hour and 30 minutes before our scheduled departure. (One hour is contract compliant) Since I can look out my window and see the terminal building, I call the company and imform them that I will not be leaving on that van and will leave on the next one. In the morning I receive a call from the hotel clerk saying the crew is looking for me. I asked her to inform the Captain that I will depart the hotel in a contractually compliant manner. When I arrive at the gate early I see D-bag in the jetway

D-bag: Oh! you made it!

Me: Why wouldn't I, I can see the terminal from my hotel window.

D-bag: I informed you on what van we were going to take.

Me: No you didn't. But it doesn't matter, I wasn't going to take a van not in compliance with our contract.

D-bag: The flight attendants heard me.

Me: It doesn't matter, what's that got to do with anything?

D-Bag: Well, I guess we need to have your hearing checked.

Me: Are you implying I am unfit to fly?

D-Bag: (Enraged) That's it! I've had enough!. Do you want off this trip!? Because I'll call the Chief Pilot and have you removed!

Me: You can do whatever you want to do.

D-bag: That's it! You are off the trip! I'm calling right now!

Me: Knock yourself out. Just curious, are you going to tell him you want me off the trip because I showed up on time.

D-Bag: You're being argumentative! I can't work with you...you're gone.

Me: Go ahead man...roll the dice. Should I go ahead and call my union rep?
Ya gotta finish the story. Can't leave us all hanging bro.

So, curious nature I have, what company is this anyway?

I'll tune in later for the final chapter.
Hells yeah, Wes. I gotta know how this one ended up.
Good for you, man. Some captains feel that they are "the boss" of you, even when you're not on the airplane. It's amazing, it even continues during their personal life. I can't tell you how many captains I've experienced who think they somehow have jurisdiction over FO's, even when they're at a hotel or out at a bar having drinks. Thankfully it's not all of them.
I suppose it's just part of the power trip that some guys suffer from when they get that upgrade. They just can't separate the job from their personal lives. Unfortunately, power trippin' captains have alone caused management to take away much of the captain's authority in our industry.
I don't care if you're at a hotel or not; until you step onto that aircraft, he really doesn't have any recourse to tell you what to do. Just do your job the way you're supposed to.
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This has to be CAL. Both could have handled this better. It is best to not ever get the Chiefs involved if at all possible.
I have heard of where the pilots share a crash pad with a captain and he is "the captain" at the crash pad too. Kinda funny when you think about it.
Captains who push captains authority usually get pushed around by women.
....sorry....part two....

I'm assuming after some soul searching he realized it was pointless and asked if " we were going to play nice?" We completed the last day with the only conversation being the reading of checklists (fine with me).

One funny note. It was my leg and after a smooth approach and landing the CAPTAIN was standing in the doorway saying goodbye to the pax when a gentleman stopped at door and asked " are you in the military?" (Inflate chest) the CAPTAIN responded "Why yes I am!" (non flying military BTW). The passenger says " I could tell by the way you handled the airplane, really smooth!"
LMAO...almost shot coffee out the nose.

Don't get me wrong, I have alot of respect for the men and women who have and continue to serve, but this guy was a horse's arse.
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This has to be CAL. Both could have handled this better. It is best to not ever get the Chiefs involved if at all possible.

There is more to the story that led up to this, but let us just say that we had a total disagreement on management-labor relations.

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