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Considering a position with Gjet? Read this first

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Well-known member
Nov 8, 2005
First off, you may not consider Gjet to be a scab airline, or even fit the definition of that. It does not really matter, because the fact is many pilots do, and many will hate you for joining Gjet. I am posting this message because while I was at my AWAC interview, I met a pilot that interviewed for Trans States Airlines before her AWAC interview. She was hired at TSA, and given a class date. TSA called her later on and told her that the class date was canceled and asked her if she would like to join Gjet. She turned them down and went back to flight instructing. My hat is off to her for making such a decision and the right one. At a 1000 hours, I would also love to get a jet job, but I will never apply to Gjet, because I also consider them to be a scab outfit.

Look at it this way. those position at Gjet belong to TSA pilots. Trans States holding did not want to pay a 4 year CA pay to TSA pilots, they want to pay 1 year CA pay to Gjet pilots. So just like Trans States holding took jobs away from TSA pilots, so they can do in the future to Gjet pilots. Not only are you stabing your fellow TSA pilots in the back by accepting a position at Gjet, you are also stabing your own future in the back.

You need a job? So am I, and so was the pilot that turned TSA down, and many others that will not take a position at Gjet.

Oh by the way, that pilot was hired at AWAC. She was only 1 of 6 that interviewed that day that got hired. And you know what, AWAC is a 1000 times better company than Trans States Holding. Her decision paid off!

you're a class act and i'm not even sure if you're in the industry. if you're not please continue to try to break in we need more people like yourself. staying informed before you accept or apply for a flying position will do wonders for your career as well as your mental health. take care and good luck.
While I don't hate any of these guys that went to GJ, I think about this exact scenario. While there are a few out there having some tough times, GJ is not the only airline company hiring. If GJ stopped getting resumes, we'd have this thing solved in very short order. Unfortunately, they are getting resumes again.

I do feel bad for some of the you nger guys that take jobs here without realizing what it could do to them later on down the road. Theres a guy in my crash pad that had a friend take the job there when this switcheroo happened. He's a college kid that thinks he has it all figured out and later on, he may be interviewed by one of those captains that has a list in his pocket that has his name on it. No job, so sorry, don't reapply.
B777, you throw out the scab word, what is the definition of a scab?

GJ is not flying struck work. The pilots are unionized. ALPA doesn't have a monopoly on unions, not all pilots are represented by ALPA. The pilots are not crossing a lawful picket line. Trans States created GJ's to gain flight routes not available to TSA pilots due to scope clauses.

If you don't like GJ crews, so be it, but they are not scabs by definition. You need to learn a new vocabulary to express what you think that they are.

Flame suit on.
So when/if TSA goes on strike about this...will they then be defacto scabs??
as my dad used to say..."if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...then...."

I always thought that another definition of a scab is, "a comtemptable person." Doesn't that fit?
walking like a duck

It was my understanding that TSA was doing informational picketing in reference to unnamed alter ego airline; ergo all employees at unamed alter ego airline are crossing said picket line regardless of expos facto unionization from a seperate union. What does that make you is you cross a picket line again?
They might not be SCABS by definition, but they are peices of SH!T by definition, and I cant wait for one to ask for a ride.

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