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Come to recurrent armed?

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Well-known member
Dec 11, 2005
An interesting tidbit of info: Vehicles are regularly broken into and stolen out of the parking lot of the vendor who hosts ASA's recurrent ground and simulator training.

I consider this a clear and present threat to my personal safety when scheduled for these events.

Does anyone know of any company policy that addresses coming to these events armed?
haha only in the south would somebody ask a question like this. BTW I think the sim "vender" may have an issue with it. ASA just rents the space
The sim vendor hasn't posted any signs advising that they don't want personal weapons on the premises.

I looked through my ASA books to see if this were addressed when I was in training and didn't find anything that spoke to it.
You could always call the FlightSafety center to voice your concerns about center/lot security ask them about CCW directly; here's even a toll-free number for you: (800) 889-7916.
If I were carrying something sub-compact like a KelTec or LCP, I wouldn't even worry about it. Just holster and shove it in your pocket. No one would know unless you pulled a Plaxico or dropped it.

Other thing to consider contrary to the above statement is:
Does Atlanta have any BS handgun laws?
Do you have a GA carry permit or one from a state with reciprocal privileges?
Does GA have any laws pertaining to handgun possession while at the workplace?

Answering those would only keep you out of legal trouble, not necessarily the CP's office.
Pretty sure in GA you can carry just about anywhere now except bars and into the airport-and there was a ruckus about not being able to carry guns inside hartsfield a few months ago.
Most employers strictly forbid bringing firearms onto company property (legal liability, required by insurance)..I'm certain a large operation like ASA would have such a rule. Violation would result in 99.999% guaranteed termination (also required by insurance).

I'd bet they would apply that to the flight safety facility too.
I don't know about ASA, but bringing a weapon onto FedEx property equals being arrested and prosecuted. Leave your artillery at home, please!

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