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CAL-UAL Anti-RJ Proposal

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Now is definitely the time to go after this kind of agreement. You will never have public support for this kind of proposal like you do right now in the wake of the Colgan crash. ALPA and APA need to put out a joint PR campaign to keep up the heat on Management. The public should know when they step aboard any Airline that they have Mainline Flight Crews with the experience that goes along with it flying them to their destination. Don't give in on this, if CAL/UAL are successful in getting this through, this will finally be a game changer in the right direction for this industry.

ABSO-friggen-LUTELY !!!

Awesome. Scope is #1. To those who say NEVER will happen. I'd like to remind never is a very long time.

The navy sea-bees motto comes to mind: "The Difficult We Do At Once. The Impossible Takes A Bit Longer"

Oh--and take your Ipod with you!

I'm LOVING IT. Give us back OUR FLYING from the likes of express jet, BLOWJET, ASA, SKYWEST, Colgan, ********************aqua, Republic, SHuttle America, Mesa, and any of the other "Vendors" that enjoy our routes at our expense. Popcorn is popping this is going to be a great show!

Really yuppyguppy? So does that mean when you get hired at the majors your past of flying the 145 for "vendors" no longer exists? Listen, I would love if this happens but don't talk like you were born into the rt seat of a legacy. You once were the people you are speaking about.

Anyways, let's hope this happens. It can only mean good things for everyone, including all of us vendor pilots ;)

Oh--and take your Ipod with you!


Yea, you never see backpacks at United. But I hope this is successful and creates more opportunities at ML.
I'd be concerned if I was at a regional right now. There's a huge movement across the majors to restrict scope further and eventually take it back. If we can do it, it'll change the entire industry. Bye bye regionals..........
This isn't the majors against the regionals/regional pilots, this is putting the jobs back at mainline. Those of us already here might see quicker upgrades those that aren't here can get hired at the mainline airlines which would have more leverage. This is about the long term career of all pilots regional, mainline, flight instructors and student pilots, any one who wants a career not just a job. Please dont turn this into we are doing this to hammer the pilots at the regionals on the contrary I think in the long run it gives them a better future.

As far as a dollar short and a day late and hoping we get are butts handed to us on that all I can say is better late then never. Maybe our generation can prove what we said is true about the gummers that we want to leave it better for those who follow instead of continuing to light the bridge on fire at our heals and run like hell when we get ours.

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