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Well-known member
Sep 26, 2005
Got a call today from ASA. He asked some very general background questions and then stated he would send me an application packet. He asked that I send it back for them to review. If they liked it they would call me for an interview. Is this the norm for them? Do they ever offer an interview on the initial call?

Just want to know if there was something he didnt like. (I was not a smarta$$)
yeah, that's normal. if you overnight the packet back they should call you back quicker too. i got a call to interview 3 days later.
Which base is Currently junior? Are they still closing SLC? ATR still going away? How long is reserve these days? Average days off for reserve and line holder?
I thought ASA was doomed.... (well which airline isn't nowadays)... with Delta going BK and SKW doing what it did.... Correct me please.... Is ASA a good place to be trying to get on?
Speculation only on SLC closing. After opening and closing 3 domiciles in 5 years, I think anything is possible.

Reserve = 10 days off. Reserve rules, as well as most of the work rules reflect an outdated contract. Hopefully most will be updated in a new contract (hopefully sooner than later).

Both domiciles have gone junior, April 05 = SLC.
Does ASA still have 1700 pilots? Seems like alot of pilots per plane. And they still have problems with scheduling. Is 1700 an outdated number or is that about right for their 136 airframes. 136 came from the airlinepilotcentral.com, is it more now?
I highly doubt SLC will close. And we still have more planes coming next year, and still are 200+ pilots short on staffing.

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