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A proposal to end the regional/major fighting

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Well-known member
Feb 16, 2002
Taken from another message board.

"New rule: once you join a regional, you stay at a regional. Majors should only hire military pilots, corporate pilots and heavy jet pilots from the non-sched/ACMI world. Why...because those pilots got their experience from activities that didn't undermine the very job they hoped to attain."
Ummmm NO.

Wasnt it the major pilots (like AA, using them as an example, I dont remember who operated the first jet regional aircraft) who gave up scope in the first place? It was the major pilots who let the genie out of the bottle.

Plus, major airlines, and major airline pilots on hiring boards, hire regional equipment pilots, so they must be good enough to get to the holy grail of a major, or heavy, 121 pilot seat.

That suggestion isnt worth a hill-o-excrement. Talk about being kept down by "the man".
Mainline gave up scope. Look in the mirror. Legacy pilots gave the "ok" to lawndarts almost 2 decades ago. It's like the crazy chimp. He's cute and harmless when he's a baby, but when he grows up he'll bite off your freaking face.
And when the majors furlough no major pilot can work for a regional. humm, okay

The way it should work is that when a major furloughs, the major furloughee can choose to flow back to his regional's code share partner and take a Captains seat at the top of the list, since the regional probably caused his furlough in the first place.
Are you looking for a debate Brown or just an opportunity to prove to everybody how great your thinking is? If not this, then please explain your thought process in bringing this up for debate? Seriously

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