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which one is Better?

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neither, they are both "just" type ratings.

are you asking which one will help you get a job?

that is tough because there are more G550's out there, but the 7X is still taking deliveries, so maybey jump on the boat.

Or save the money and move to mexico.
Which is the best type rating.

Falcon 7X or the Gulfstream 550.

It dosen't matter a bit -- whichever one pays you best and keeps you home more.

That being said, my 7X suits me just fine...:)

PS - semperfido just admitted, in the ATT/Jerry Springer thread, that he's a damm Marriott Platinum member. IMHO thats just something you NEVER EVER want to be....:laugh:.... (that, and a "Grumman" fanboy....;))

Fellas....my goal is silver status, all around. Shop the job not the airplane.

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If you have to ask.......

Which one offers you the most opportunity if your current position goes away. Without question it is the G550 Type. Is the GLEX or 7X a better airplane? Not if you are an unemployed pilot looking for a F500 job or good contract work IMHO. This question I'm assuming is rhetorical in as much as either type rating will probably set you back in excess of 50K.

If I'm wrong (it happened once) and you plan to buy a type rating and get a job, the G550 would certainly increase your odds, but having no time in type (and probably no international if you looking to spring for one of those types) would probably make it a break even proposition during good times, and a money loser right now. You'd be suprised at how many CP's see that as cutting in line. In the grand scheme of things, a good company will send the right person to school before they will hire the wrong person who is already typed. If someone else is paying for your type (like your rich ex wife) then by all means, get the G550 type. Either way, 1000 blessings upon you and your family.
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I would go with the one that has the most opportunity for you. If you know someone that can hook you up on the 7X, go for it. Otherwise I would go with the numbers and get the Five type. Then you also can fly the G350/450/550. Just my .02. Good luck! Wish I had a fatboy and a G-V type!

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