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  • Hey Pete,
    Wow, sorry to hear the news about the wife. Yeah, it has been a while since we talked. Got married back in March, and no, not to the ex-GF in Setauket. Thank God!!
    Denver is great, job is great, so basically I'm looking over my shoulder waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm usually in NY/NJ about 1-2 times a month (Jan-Sep) and try to make the trip out to Stony Brook as often as possible to check on the folks. They're getting up there so...............
    I'll check out the report. I've never trusted the French much anyway. Nice airplane but they'll never admit there is ANYTHING imperfect about their design.
    Sorry it took so long to respond, I didn't even realize I had a PM from ya until tonight.
    All the best for a good outcome with the wife!!!!!!!!!
    Give a call if you're bored 720-254-2800.

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