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Whats up with civi pilots?

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Dec 5, 2005
I've been on this board for a few weeks now exploring jobs on the civilian side. I still haven't made a decision on whether to get out or not. Are most civilian pilots a bunch of whining pussies? Or is it just the pilots on the various forums? I expect to have to work at a job, not get paid to fly a few hours. I can't see a reason to get out when I would take a 30K pay cut and have to work more than I do now with a bunch of complainers and bitch artists. I can do that in the military for a lot more pay. Anyone who has defected please let me know your experiences. Do forums attract all the disgruntled folks?
Don't forget "petty."
you better stay where you are. besides, with that experience you listed you won't be qualified to do much more than fly an ems or traffic chopper. there is always wallmart.
Hooker Dude, give it a few years and you too will be pondering the whole aviation career. If I don't fly I have to do the carpet dance or quit, I don't have to fly especially if I feel the aircraft maitenance has been neglected. You on the other don't have these options, you have the Ft. Leavenworth option. MX on the Civy side has been known to be pencil whippedm and or neglected, traing could suck, and not being off when you are supposed to be. So Hooker welcome to the Civy side, it could suck, or it can be great....Later
I've sat in a tent in the sand box and listened to pilots complain. I've sat in the cockpit of an airliner and listened to pilots complain.

It's in our make up to complain.

Your helo time is recognized as quality time by a number of airlines currently hiring, including most regionals. I have never had a military helo pilot fail initial training in the Falcon 20. Again not to get into the mil vs. civ thing, but I can not say the same for a number of higher time civilian fixed wing pilots. Go to APTAP it is a networking site for helo guys getting into civil aviation.
My question is this... If all you guys that bitch piss and moan about your aviation career are so damn fed up with it, why dont you quit! Like someone said, there's always Wal Mart! It would give the ears of rest of us who ARE satisified with our aviation career a break!

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