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What is the SWA 1, 2, 3 rule?

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Jan 13, 2004
My wife does not believe such a thing exsist, please tell her it is true! And what it is, thanks
'It' is a memory. :bawling:

Another consolation to our ever-expanding Nanny State.
It did, Ive seen it first hand. Thanks to the SWA crew for the treats. Though it was a few years back. Im guessing its no longer? The horror!!!
The hotels bars had to provide beers for $1, mixed drinks for $2 and it only cost each crew member $3 to each person in the bar not to tell anyone what time the crew were drinking until!:D


I don't remember how it went, I am not a SW pilot, but I do remember somewhere on the East Coast at a hotel where they were provided a keg in the crew room. I was thinking is was GSO, RDU or something in that area; I'm probably completely off in the location, but it was somewhere east as I was a J41 CA and those were places I went a lot.


Sad to say it is no more. I guess we had too many guys showing up to work smelling funny, so the company is not going to negotaite those discounts any longer. It was $1 beer, $2 wine, $3 mixed drinks and 50% off top shelf or whatever else they have.
$1 Draft Beer, $2 wine & bottle beer, $3 mixed drinks, or 50% off top shelf. A few months ago, the company decided it was bad PR, so chose not to negotiate 1/2/3 for future hotel contracts. It still exists in hotels where the contract has yet to expire, but it will soon be a thing of the past. Things change, but this one hasn't gone over well with many SWA pilots.
Wish I knew how to bring back the


mentality at SWA.

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For SWA's first 26 yrs there was no 1-2-3...it was crews, mostly CAs making sure the culture is passed along. FAs and FOs contributed greatly to that effort and certainly the lounge/restaurant and the local watering holes saw much of that occurring...again no 1-2-3.

In the last '90s, the hotel committee worked the program in and it became a part of the culture but certainly not all of it.

Society has changed, expectations have changes and liabilities are at every turn. Minimizing risk while keeping the culture is always part of the equation.

Some will use it as an excuse our culture has changing, others will press on and keep it going and never miss a beat. The choice will be each individuals. SWA did it for 25+ yrs without it...I think it is only a blip, much like other minor changes.

Just my $.02.

I broke the first rule of fight club...don't talk about it.

The problem is that as a society we seem to be more and more swayed by perception and opinion even though there may not be any fact to substantiate any perceived problem. Society has become very lazy when it comes to sorting fact from fiction, and because we live in a very litigious country, the corporate culture has become very sensitive to any type of negativity (real or not) and goes into CYA mode. Personal responsibility is now just a joke, I wish it wasn't so though!

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