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  • As for the current offer or should I say the current "discussion of an offer" is the next chance for that to occur. IMHO, if the MEC chooses to not use it as a starting point to continue discussions/negotiations through Sept and then doesn't forward a final AIP for a vote and AAI pilots declines to accept; it may be the last chance according to my read on GK and SWA management. That would be too bad.

    I hope I don't come across as fear-mongering; I'm just trying to present the reality fo the situation.

    When my Dad would promise to use a switch on me if I didn't behave; that wasn't fear mongering, it was stating a fact. I hope we can all be on the same seniority list in the near future and provide for our families and kick ass as the best LLC airline out there. Only time will tell.

    Thanks for your kind words; feel free to call or chat anytime, 214.924.9033. Have a great weekend with your family if you're not flying.

    Keith and all of the folks I've chatted with personally have been great to speak with and have calm conversations....the same can be said of most of the SWA pilots I know also.

    Forums don't represent the anything other than extremes on both sides. That being said, the tone and tenor represents some of the attitudes and issues that "could" present problems, again from both sides. Folks @ SWA that don't believe AAI pilots meet our standards (false) and those on the AAI side who feel SWA is screwing them for not giving them better seniority.

    I don't know what the future holds; as I told Keith, the last opportunity to guarantee 100% that AAI pilots would be on the SWA seniority list was the offer weeks ago that the MEC chose to not forward.
    I truly hope that the extreme level of emotion will be replaced by mutual respect and a better Southwest Airlines than anyone could have imagined. No matter where I end up on the Seniority List, my goal is to be part of the solution that way. I'm pretty good friends with Keith, and he said that you've been a good friend to him during this process (which at times has seemed like a roller coaster ride)...I appreciate Southwest because of people like you and am eager to fit in.

    Bill Schratz
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