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Wash out rate

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Feb 24, 2005
What percentage of new hires at your airline get washed out? What washes most of them out?
sims and lack of hitting the books. 2 people out of 32 in my class i think washed out. Some people just burn themselves out and over doing it. So with that said try and have fun also while in training is my advice.
This is good information. I've heard most kick the bucket in the sims as well. More questions though:

Is the classroom stuff tough on people because of the 8 hour days, or just a lot of information?

What exactly does it mean if you washout, like, is it officially on some record, or just with that airline that you failed?
Have a good attitude, study up and pair up with a sim partner that you get along with and you will be allright!

Most instructors will work with you if are having trouble, that is of course if keep PMA (postive motivated attitude) in your thought process.

Hope this helps, and DON NOT think about bombing out, you will have enough on your mind without having to add to your worries.
2 out of 9. 1 in indoc due to attitude and 1 in sim due to not making progress on each lesson, from what I was told - attitude is everything.

11 out of 23 seems REALLY high. I would think the company would want to get you through more than that.

Also, definately choose a sim partner you think you will get along with if you have that option. A lot of people in my class were choosing their sims based on dates and times.

5 of 12 and 11 of 23 would indicate to me more of a problem with the selection process than of the training program.
In my class the new hires took a huge hit. Only 1 out of 4 made it to the line. Yep thats right a 75% washout rate!!! 1 dude commuted home during indoc and missed the commute back. He was gone before we (upgrades) got there. So when we got to class it was already down to 3 new hires. Then 1 failed the oral then passed the recheck to later not get signed off for the sim ride. The other 1 made it through the oral just fine but also never got signed off for the sim ride. 1 of the failures in the sim was my sim partner. The main thing that got them was instrument flying skills and situational awareness. They actaully flew the plane pretty good and only killed me once on a V1 cut. That time they had the thing under control for a few seconds then slowly let it get away from them. The biggest problem was IFR stuff. IE going a few miles past step down fixes. Not knowing how to enter holds. Not knowing where they were in relationship to the airport/navaid/etc. Not having a good instruemnt scan and focusing on one thing and letting another thing get away. (IE consintrate too much on altiude control to let airspeed get way way to fast/slow) Overcontrolling the sim. And finally not knowing flows, callouts, and profiles good enough. Hope that helps. The best way to get thru a sim is to know basic IFR skills and know your flows callouts and profiles COLD. Cause you might think you know them when you are sitting in a chair in a room but its a different story in the sim. Always practice flows and callouts with something really really distracting going on like loud music or tv.

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