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USAIR 1549 FA story b.s.

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Benjamin Dover

Well-known member
May 5, 2006
As many of us guessed, US 1549 FA in the back, Doreen Walsh - the drama queen who refused to put her uniform back on again with the rest of the crew during interviews- made up the story about the "female passenger" rushing by her and cracking open the rear door. It was her.

Attached article is about passenger on flight who just lost his job, but he also wanted to set the record straight about Doreen's bullsht story - he witnessed her trying to open the door and then discovering they were in the water. Quoting article:
He'd like to put to rest one aspect of the emergency landing, what he calls the fiction that a passenger opened the rear door, letting water into the plane

Flight attendant Doreen Walsh said on "60 Minutes" that a female passenger rushed by her and opened the rear door.

No, Scudere said, he and others saw the flight attendant open the rear door. "Nobody was there to rush past her to open the door. I saw her back turned, and she was opening the door, and she said, 'Oh my God, we're in water!' I don't want to be critical. She hadn't gotten any warning that we'd be landing in the water. I just want to set the record straight."

A spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board said it is aware of conflicting accounts about the rear door, and will try to sort out that issue when it releases its fact-finding report in June

Sure, they never got a "ditching" PA from the cockpit and I don't think any of the three FA's knew they landed in the water, but at least be honest about it. Instead the bee-atch makes up a story about some rogue "female pax" and lies about it repeatedly in t.v. interviews. What a piece of work. Hope her probable lawsuit attempt gets tubed.

UFB (the FA, not this guy).
I agree her appearances fit the mold of a "drama queen", but her opening the door didn't matter much anyways. A huge chunk of the lower aft fuselage forward of the pressure bulkhead was ripped out. I heard somewhere else that the cargo door(s?) were twisted and deformed. Her door didn't add much to the water that came in the aft end.

Death by drowning isn't pretty. Those in the aft cabin, including the FA, were up to their necks in water while it appeared they weren't moving forward. I've felt like I was going nuts when trying to catch another commuter flight home, and nobody is moving forward after a typical gate arrival when I've sat in the aft bulkhead seats. I can't imagine being stuck in the unmoving herd with ice water rising around my kneck.

I'll give her a pass so far. She wasn't told they were going in the water, (Mon AM QB'ing), but was alive at the end of the day.
I'll give her a pass so far. She wasn't told they were going in the water, (Mon AM QB'ing), but was alive at the end of the day.

She lied... That deserves a pass? I don't say hang her, but it sounds like she did lie to the NTSB and to the adoring public.
Who cares? The NTSB cares because it matters in terms of survivability in a crash. If she did open the door it could be a training issue. It may not have mattered in this case but I'd say it's pretty darned important to not open a door that's under water.
She F'ed up and then tried to pass the blame. What if they had crashed on the ground and there would have been burning jet fuel on the ground next to the plane? Would she just open the door? Evidently, yes.

Not everyone can remain cool, calm, and collected in an emergency and until you've had one, you can't honestly say how you'd respond. Sulley seems to have held his own. The bottom line is everybody survived so this should be a case study, not a which hunt. Let the women go on her way.
Well said.

She's a bit of a piece of work from the stories I've heard from people who've flown with her, but those were pretty strange circumstances for everyone. The "book" hadn't yet been written on how to deal with the "close in, three minute ditching."

Lot's of stuff went right, and we will learn from the rest.

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