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UAL wants to change jumpseating to ID90

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Well-known member
Mar 15, 2003
UAL wants to screw with the jumpseat in the new travel agreement,

Our (SkyWest) SAPA president sent us an update today that says that in the new travel agreement with UAL, they (UAL) would like to limit the jumpseat in a way that would only allow for one jumpseater to ride free, and only if the cabin were totally full, in other words if you are jumpseating and there is a seat in the cabin that is available, you will have to take that seat and pay as if you were a non-rev, AND even worse if you decline to pay the new annual fee to UAL you will be left behind completely.

Also they want to cut off jumpseating to offline carriers completely and only let them ride if they buy an ID90, which is a huge foul against all of our reciprocal agreements with many other airlines, which they will most certainly terminate our jumpseat agreements for,

UAL is trying to make a nickel any way they can,

DL is already pulling something similar with us at Pinnacle... We have an international JS agreement with mainline, but DL deducts international flights out of our travelnet allowace (one overseas trip a year). After the first trip we must use a zed ticket. All the other DCI and mainline pilots better realize this is just the beginning, the more you let them get away with, the sooner it will affect you too.
Everytime i do a IAD flight i have 5 UA jumpseaters asking for a lift.
Hate to tell them that they will have to buy an ID90.
When does it stop ?????

It won't. Even if all the guys who are fed up with this crap and they can't staff flights, they'll still keep making it worse.
They won't be happy until they've taken everything away from the pilot group, and have pilots who are more than happy to have that job. They want the happy-go-lucky pilot who just thinks it's neeto to fly the big airliner!
Sadly enough, they will find them.
UAL pilots need to grab their BAL$$ and vote strike againt this kind of FU*&ING BULLSH!T. Someone bring to Glen to my house so I can properly educate him on the way rual American solve probelms like him in an alley behind the bar.

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