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Trans States and the J41

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Well-known member
May 29, 2003
Heard the other day that TSA was getting rid of the J41's. Any truth to that? If so, at what rate are they leaving the fleet, and what will they be replaced by in STL?

I have been told they are done with US Airways Express on DEC 1. Maybe that is where some of the talk is coming from?
Word on the street is that all the 41s will be gone by mid-summer next year. Take your pick on what you want to believe the reasons are: so far they include leases on the planes being up and not being renewed, contract for sim training expiring and not being renewed, high fuel costs on some of the smaller routes, etc. Don't think there's any word yet on what'll happen with all the pilots or what'll replace them, rumors are flying.
they are being replaced by CRJ-700s and if you don't mind taking a little paycut, you can go fly one too!!!!!
according to the company the us j41's are out after dec 4, and the guys&gals are being displaced to the jet
Well, all the J41 capts have PC checks in Dec. Apparently, they are getting rid of the sim. To me, that means that all the aircraft will be gone within six months. Of course, there is no word from the company other than the notice of PC checks in Dec.

I was non-revving it the other day from BWI-GSO on a TSA J-41 and asked the flight attendant about the J-bird. She said they are finishing Jetstream flying (at least out of RIC) on 12/04/05. I think she said all were moving over to the ERJ. Hope that helps.

All the FOs are moving to the EMB. A few CAs elected to go to EMB FO to stay in RIC. A few are getting displaced to J41 CA in STL and the rest are going to EMB CA in RIC. BTW, it appears that tomorrow will be the last day of revenue flying for the J41 out of RIC. There is no official word (of course) or explanation but all of the flights after tomorrow are shown as "canceled" other than a few repo flights to STL. It is a sad day.
I flew em in TWE and DCI colors, it was a fun plane to start the airlines in but they were dog's. Especially with Hulas, no air cart hook up worthless cold air in the summer. Crawled in one one freezing morning last winter and the FO was wearing 6 layers of clothes with every light turned up, windshield heat on trying to get warm like I used to do. Forgot how small it was. Don't miss that, ahhhhh the APU that BAE forgot. Punka louvers, torches, tyres, screaming garrets, oh yeah that's where they put the APU's on the wings, ahhh the nightmares.
Oh yeah, I guess it's not all that sad.

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