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Toilet Seat Cover question

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Feb 21, 2006
Yesterday at work I sat down in my seat and began the before start flow when I heard some rumbling down below...and no ordinary rumbling. You know, the kind that gives you the pucker factor before the fact. Its only 20 minutes prior to pushback so I have a decision to make. Do I use the lav and stink up my whole entire 70-seat airplane or do I run into the terminal for a real toilet? Alas! I opted for the later and made a dash (pigeon-toed no less) up the jetway towards the closest public bathroom. Now comes decision #2. Do I have time to put down the ass gasket (those thin, waxy, tissue type toilet paper-like seat covers offered in public bathrooms- see link below) or should I just sit down on the Hepatitis infested bare toilet seat? I opted to put down the ass gasket, sat down, and let out a real Navajo spackle job. As I was congratulating myself and wiping the sweat from my brow, I happened to glance downward and notice that I put the ass gasket on backwards. Or did I? Normally I put down the toilet seat cover with the flappy end towards the back but in my panic I ended up setting it down with the flappy end forward. It seemed to work even better! Which brings me to my final question to the regional pilot community, whom uses public restroom facilities to their fullest potential, which way is the flappy end on ass gaskets supposed to go? Forward or backward? Oh, and yes, we were on time with a Tyler Wojo incident averted.



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Anybody have a link to that RIF written by the distressed "grumbling below" pilot who ran back inside the terminal after pushback?
I've never actually used one of the seat condoms....I'm still doing the hover dump....Keeps me physically fit with muscle contraction in the glutes and quads, and my ass from whatever alien life forms are on the seat....but to answer your question, I thought it went to back for flushing purposes...

Hilarious thread by the way...EVERYONE on this forum has been in the grumbly in the tummy situation....
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