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To ASA Pilots..

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~~~^~~~ said:
ATR Driver:

Wasn't Capt. White a senior Line Check Airman, or APD? I think he is still current and probably could fly rings around quite a few of us.

I hear he plays a mean Sousaphone too.
I was at the meeting in DFW too with S.B. and all his cronies. I'll second the notion that they basically came to deliver the message that we had basically 4-4 1/2 months to pick up our lives and move. What a way to treat your senior guys who moved their families and lives to DFW for them many years ago. I consider myself lucky....my wife and I had only 2 weeks til closing our house we'd built to figure out what we were going to do....alot of people had just closed the day before or week before etc. They tried to candycoat it all by saying "you have 4 months to make the transition and decide what to do...blah blah" Try 2 weeks, in my case. And they were complete a$$es about any kind of commuter clause, which is really what ticked everyone off. With S.B. saying "you should live where you work...."...well, hell. why do you think we're all in DFW in the first place!?!??! (hence my signature at the bottom)
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