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To ASA Pilots..

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srjorion said:
Which CT? Are you talking about the Human Resources & Administration guy or the Air Operations guy?

I'm sorry. I forgot about Tutt. It's the other one.
kudos to skywest...thanks!!!

Just breaks my heart.
OH HAPPY DAY! I Hope the door hits him in the ass when he leaves! What a POS

I second that AMEN

So, there IS a God.

And God has a sense of justice

Good riddance.

The first time I met the man I shook his hand and was immediately overwhelmed with the desire to wash (no, disinfect) my hand.

Just a dirty, low class, sleazy thug.

Now lets hope it is true. My heart will be broken if that no good sunbeaaach remains.
My wonderful first impression of this scumbag was when our great 'leadership team' (hahahahahahahahahahahahahah) came to DFW to discuss the base closure. As many D people had questions about this sudden transition, and at the height of their worries about their jobs, lives and families.....this POS steps up with his arms crossed and his chest puffed out and basically stated, Too bad! I had to move four times for my airline job! I then replied, great for you! Then he said the company couldnt care less about what you had to do, but it was your responsibility to be where you were required to be......
Now, that may be true, but how about a little compassion from a front line 'leader'! (Hahahahahahahahahahahah, that cracks me up everytime!!!!!)

Yee Haw!!!!! I have new found hope for Skywest Inc. and their ability to turn this pie hole around. Let me do my part and help them out some more. Anyone in management that has TWA on their resume should be shown where the front door is. Add to it anyone that proclaims to be an attorney.

Think of this, 4 of the top 7, or so, P.O.S. managers are gone since we closed DFW. Couple more to go.......

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