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The SWA Pool is about to Drain...

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Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
Hello fellow poolies..

I just got the call from Jennifer..

I have been offered the Jan 31st class..
Yes..Thats right ..They have added another class in Jan as well as a second class in Feb..

She also said that they were increasing class sizes..

She will be making the calls this week to see who is available..
Those that are going to be offered the 31st class will be called this Thursday and Friday with the formal offers..

Ye haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!


:D Giddyup!!!

That is outstanding news!! I am ready to dry off... NOW!!! The ol' shrivel factor was gettin' out of hand... know what I mean fellas? With my estimated standing in the pool I will now resume hope for an April class date!!! (I'd given up on that estimate weeks ago.)

Hope to "feel the LUV" soon in Dallas!!!

Warmest regards,
UAL737inLA (need new "handle")

Great News

Great news guys - welcome to Southwest Airlines! Your going to love it!

UAL737inLA, how about SWA737inOAK or SWA737inPHX!!!
Congrats!!! Great to hear the news today.. sounds like at least an additional 75-100 guys for next year at this time.. I know you had a great evening!!

Hope to see ya online!

To all,

Just got this word off the company newsline. Provides some explanation for the increase in pilots...more airplanes!!!

>"We are proud to announce SWA will purchase two new –700s from Boeing. We returned N60 and N63 (old -200s) to their owners and have replaced them with two new –700s. We will be getting two new –700s in February and now the two new ones in March. This is a net gain so far of four aircraft. In today’s economy, this is truly exciting news."

I second that...very exciting news. Congrats to those who have gotten the call, good luck to those still waiting. Hang in there for those still treading.

I told my wife that when 2 things happened, I would believe SWA was really planning to hire 600-650 pilots this year:

1. Announcing a class starting Jan 31 and

2. Increasing class size to 26/class

My math showed they needed a class of 26 pretty much every 2 weeks to reach that number. (26 classes x 26/class = 676 pilots).

Now both things have occured and it looks looks to me like it is really going to happen!!

I was told last week I probably wouldn't make the class planned in May. Now I'm hoping for Mar/Apr or sooner......

Looking forward to meeting everyone in Dallas. Hope to see you there real soon! Good Luck to All!
See you there Mike, Jennifer called me as well! I hope many others from the list get the same great news!


I was jumping home the other day on SWA and both the CA and FO said massive pilot hiring upcoming....I'm coming to Dallas sooner than later looks like....

Are you saying JM called and offered you a possible class date.
There are over 30 guys ahead of you on the pool list. This doesn't even include the ones that we don't know about. What is the story here. I was by my phone all day and all week and didn't get a call. I think you're just blowing smoke.
MLBWINGBORN's news is awesome however and hopefully every one will receive a call soon.
Orion:cool: :cool: :cool:
Order of Selection

Perhaps selection is based on either date of interview or date
of type exclusive of pool letter date. If so, only the first two colums will be of any significance. Just food for thought. Sure is great to see people on the list selected!

poolie order

Onion, For what it is worth, I took the poolie list and put it in excel format and ranked ordered people in different ways. It is my belief that using the "pool date" works for folks like you and me who interviewed before getting the type. But those who interviewed with the type seem to have dates closer to their interview date. That puts dham about a month ahead of you. Still there are a lot of folks out there who are "ahead of" dham ... how about it skypig, bino, grama, pilot4swa? Do you guys have dates?
Class date order

I was told class date is predicated upon interview date/time for those who had the type when interviewed. I don't know about those who got the type after the interview. BTW, I just interviewed last week and I'm waiting for the decision board. Great news about the new class dates and increase in class size.
Conrgrat MLB!
I am unable to get out of the NAV until May. I had been previously called in DEC to see if I was available for a Jan date. So no date for me as of yet. See ya all around.