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The RJDC is a cancer on the industry

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Iflyforfood is right though.

The RJDC are the guys that, for some reason, can't make it to the majors. In fact, they're usually the guys that turn their backs on you when you leave for a better job.


I think everyone is missing the point here. The RJDC is basically saying that it's not right that ALPA screwed the regional pilots in favor of the mainline pilots, even though they're supposed to be represented fairly and equally by the same union. It's a conflict of interest that ALPA is representing both pilot groups, and ALPA should have therefore told one of the groups (presumably the regional pilots) that it was unable to represent them fairly and they should join (or form) another union. ALPA should not be taking the regional pilot's hard-earned money (of what little they have) and then turning around and selling them down the river to the mainline pilots. It's just not right, and the RJDC is justified in blowing the whistle on ALPA on this one...whether IFF or anyone else likes it or not.

PS-I don't think the RJDC opposes scope overall, just the way this clause was rammed down their throats without any say. If ALPA takes the RJ pilots' money, should they have been represented in some way in this deal? Are the guys from Enron working at ALPA since ALPA has no ethics in this case?

Just my two cents.
It is really not bait, I know nothing of the airplane, its numbers are impressive but this FO I fly with hated it. He quote said," that RJ drivers were no more than prop guys that had no where to go." He used to fly for Midway..... With that out of the way I always thought it was a pretty cool airplane(if just flown in it as a passenger) and it would be neat to run an RJ mainline airline. When I mentioned that to my FO he came unglued and couldn't say enough bad things about the airplane. I need some RJ pilot's real opinions, like how many dmi's you carry, what type of backup systems you have etc. Just for my own personal information.
As a past member of several unions, I have to agree with Aeroboy. Why should a pilot pays dues to ALPA at Comair, and have the union he is funding then act against his interests? Compound this with the fact that the Comair ALPA membership has no seat at scope negotiations when bargaining with a company that owns BOTH airlines? HELLO?????

I'd be suing my union for failing to negotiate on my behalf. This could be a violation of the union's certification under federal law.

ALPA is being called on the carpet for being the servant of two masters: Mathew 6:24 ....No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.

I'm certain that there are many nuances, policies and prejudices at work here that I am unfamiliar with. I'm speaking not as an airline pilot, manager, or other principal, but as a party with a long-term interest, and a background in union activity.

Clearly, this needs to be fixed. If there were not an RJDC, how would this fixing be accomplished?
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ALPA didn't screw regional pilots.

Senior pilots at RJDC wanna screw EVERYONE.

I WAS a regional pilot. Regional flying, no matter what you think absolutely SUCKS so I put my resumes out and got hired by a global airline.

The only thing that SUCKS is the fact that RJDC wants to give airlines the ability to give the flying to the lowest bidder and abrogate scope.

Scope is the one thing that keeps managements from outsourcing ALL narrowbody flying to regionals and ALL international flying to codeshare carriers.

You weren't going to get 777's at a regional airline, it's not ALPA's fault.

You get what you negotiate.

Why should you pay dues at ALPA?

Because of the strike assessment that all of us at ALPA paid while Comair was on strike.

Hey, I've got financial reponsibilities myself and I supported your efforts during negotiations and ALWAYS paid my assessment on time.

Did management give you the contract you won at Comair because they thought you guys were cool? Nope, because you NEGOTIATED the contract with SUPPORT from ALPA and ALPA pilots nationwide.

Try flying for a non-union airline and see where that gets you. If you want out of ALPA because we're not representing your best interests, form an independent union -- worked for AMR.

Besides, a $100,000,000 lawsuit is a slap in the face.
Timebuilder said:
Clearly, this needs to be fixed. If there were not an RJDC, how would this fixing be accomplished?


Someone with the gumption should start a union which represents regional pilots. I'd move over in a heartbeat. Of course it's not that simple, but it could be done.
You're right. Stranger things have happened. Who would start such a union, a former regional pilot/lawyer, perhaps out on disability?
Funny how your name is "Time Builder" and you don't see the danger in erasing scope.

Without scope, you'll be building time for notoriety because no one will be hiring for a very long time.

ALPA does not negotiate against you.

Now if your company owned 737's and 747's an ALPA said that you had to get RID of them, ok, perhaps that could be a problem.

But saying that your career is hampered because your company went from Navajos to Banderantes to Brasilias to a butt-load of Rj's, I really doubt if ANYONE is holding back your career.

Don't get deprogrammed by the "lifers" in RJDC. Those are the same guys that couldn't figure out how to get hired by a global carrier when UAL, DAL, CAL, NWA and AMR had their hottest hiring cycles in our generation.

Don't let them destroy OUR (me, you and the guy training in the Tomahawk) profession.

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