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The RJDC is a cancer on the industry

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Nov 28, 2001
"We're suing for equal representation". What does that mean?
The RJDC was founded because the Delta ALPA pilots won a scope clause in their contract limiting flying at Delta Connection. The scope states that anything above a certain percentage must be performed by Delta pilots. This scope clause is not unique to this industry. It protects jobs at the mainline from being farmed out to cheaper labor at the regional level.
The RJDC was formed and they asked ALPA, their own union to stop this. ALPA refused, because scope clauses are what keeps the management bean counters from outsourcing. The RJDC then proceded to sue their own union (no, it's members didn't resign, so they're actually suing themselves) "for failure to represent all members". Their complaint is that they weren't represented in the scope discussion and their careers were limited without thier input. They seek Millions of dollars from ALPA which would bankrupt a union that has been around for over 50 years.

They say they are suing for representation. What they want, then in essense, is to reverse scope and be represented in new scope discussions.
This would be management's "wet dream". If the RJDC wins, no labor contract's scope clause could stand and nothing would stop airline management from outsourcing all flying to the lowest bidder.
Inagine Mesa flying Delta 777s with pilots paid $40 and hour. This would not be an impossibility because without a scope clause in your contract you can't stop it.
ALPA has fought to imprive the pay and working conditions of pilots for over 50 years. It is among the most respected organizations in aviation, and has done more to improve this industry than anyone. Without ALPA, pilots would not have the rewarding careers, work rules, or benefits. The RJDC's actions will destroy all of this forever.

The RJDC doesn't want you to look at it this way. The twist words, spin facts and tell half-truths. They will do anything and say anything to increase their coffers and win new members. Don't be fooled. The RJDC has done nothing to further this industry. Allign yourself with the side that will always help all airline pilots, not just a faction .

Do you want to spend your entire career flying an RJ with a max pay of $110,000 per year with no retirement benefits? If so, than go RJDC.
It's your career, your life, your retirement. Choose wisely.

Well said, but, "Caution". You are about to enter a "Flame Zone".

Couldn't have said it better myself.

What is RJDC Ithink I know but not sure :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

This is clearly flame bate. It seems as though the author is trying to start something with SkyDiverDriver. Hopefully Ifly4food will read this and close or remove the thread like he has done other RJDC threads.

Oh wait, it was started by Ifly.

Isn't that funny.

When I first read about the RJDC I thought it was a bad joke. I guess some people like to shoot themselves in the foot so they can't climb the ladder. Any pilot that wants to work for a major should steer clear of the RJDC.

As I have said before, scope clauses are put in place to protect the piloting profession as a whole not to disadvantage Regional pilots.
Re: Flame!

Beechnut said:
This is clearly flame bate. It seems as though the author is trying to start something with SkyDiverDriver. Hopefully Ifly4food will read this and close or remove the thread like he has done other RJDC threads.

Oh wait, it was started by Ifly.

Isn't that funny.


Oh, I see, the RJDC supporters can post whatever they want and it's fine, but someone comes out against the RJDC and it's flamebait that should be removed (though none of the RJDC debates were closed). The hypocrasy in the RJDC supporters becomes apparent!

View it as flamebait if you like. I call it a rebuttal. You do like to debate don't you? Or will you just whine that the beloved RJ Defense Coalition is being put down by some big mouthed meanie?

It's time the truth about the RJDC was known to all here, not just one sided lies.
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The worst part about the lawsuit is that most major pilots think that most regional pilots support the RJDC. They couldn't be farther from the truth. RJDC is supported by a very vocal minority. While I can see why they're p/o'd at ALPA, suing them is not the answer. I would think that anyone who is a known supporter of the suit will not stand a chance at a major interview, regardless of the outcome. If the lawsuit is successful, there won't be a major interview to go to. Way to go, RJDC.

SDD took umbrage at the fact that the RJDC was compared to the KKK. Obviously, the RJDC is not a hate group, but there are some similarities in their behavior. Because of the inflammatory nature of their actions, they feel a need to be anonymous, except among their fellow supporters. They rarely make their comments known to the adversary face to face (on a major jumpseat), but might reveal their angst to those who have similar roots (in the regional crew lounge or cockpit). Though I have no particular desire to, I still don't know the name of a single RJDC supporter. If it's such a noble cause, step up to the plate and take the hood off.
From what I hear the RJ is a souped up piece of junk that couldn't handle the rigors of mainline airline flying. After an ex-RJ pilot explained the systems to me it is not a jet but an inbetween, useless for hardcore flying.

I'll be shocked if anyone takes your bait...actually...no, I won't. Y'all have fun now, y'hear.

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