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The ASA Dulles Deal

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Well-known member
Oct 12, 2005
According to SH, he was going to send out the email today but the lawyers said he needed to wait until a certain date. However, he told recurrent ground this:

ASA will operate approximately 20 crj200's out of IAD. The flying will begin as early as February. UAL was a bit skiddish because they didn't like ASA's performance numbers. The company was persuasive that ASA's performance was better than DOT numbers due to ATL ops. UAL is agreeing to a "trial" period of flying.

Scott said that we would base about 30 crews there to begin with. The rest of the pilots apparently will cycle through via common overnight cities I guess.

If the flying is successful, it should lead to lots more flying with some possible future 70 seat work. In addition, if things go well, there are also disussions about shifting some of SKYW out of ORD to DEN and establishing a future ASA base in ORD. (sharing SKYW's maintenance)

He also spoke of massive opportunities throughout the industry. Some due to the possibility of RAH angering their mainline customers with their recent purchases, the likely death of Mesa, and even other carriers.

This isn't me talking....this is just what he was yappin in RGT this week.

That's great if its true, but when aerodata dies again for the 15th time this year, (with no plan b) and our performance goes down hill, we'll find a way to screw it up. (hopefully not, its just murphy)

Someone needs to deep-six that aerodata crap and find another vendor. There at least should be a backup system for all this very important data.

Aerodata is even worse than the idiots we used before. One breakdown is unacceptable-15 in a year (seriously-it is at least that many,) is simply untenable.

-This problem really needs som fixin.
RGT, the monumental biggest waste of time in Aviation history..... Ahh, I feel better, thank you.

Probably have at least one spare up there. Improve Dulles at the expense of ATL. Hope to hell this works.
Probably have at least one spare up there. Improve Dulles at the expense of ATL. Hope to hell this works.

I would imagine Inc. wants this to work pretty badly as well. My guess is we will have all of Inc.'s resources behind us. I hope it brings lots of virtual domiciles, especially Florida. This will help clear out ATL, and make many people happy. It's been a long time coming, but Inc. is gonna have a really nice looking route map...

And another rumor about United flying! Gotta love it.
I had a jumpseater from the maintenance side of the FAA mention that he thought we were going to be alright, and that there has been work done to shuffle several (around 20) more 200's to ASA's operating certificate. These aircraft were to come from two more carriers that currently operate them.

I'm glad to see that we are holding our own in the market. I'm also hoping that our performance numbers kick tail out of IAD- that would be the icing on the cake to illustrate what we truly have, despite our burden of Atlanta. It's good to see that busting tail for on time departures/A-14 is showing some fruit of the labor invested- hopefully it will continue.
Note for anyone moving to IAD or ORD: Don't buy a house.

Nuff said.

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