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Spirit contract unofficial results?

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Nov 27, 2001
Posted on the LCC/National section

74% approve, 96% voted

Any confirmation?

Thoughts on impact to AAI, other ALPA carriers?
What a waste of a strike.........

Get em next time, boys!


No strike is wasted as long as you got what you wanted. I really, REALLY, expected more of a pay raise, but the voting results indicate that 74% of the Spirit group got what they wanted.

Me?, If it were my decision, I'd never advocate for a strike unless I believed that the pre-strike working conditions were in fact intolerable, and if I believed that significant gains were possible. It appears that Bill Franke forced us to strike in order to make even minor gains. If he want's to play that game, I predict that Spirit will become known as the rattlesnake pilot group of the 20-teens.
Just so I don't spend a tone of time looking can someone post new pay scale and explain the 4 day off thing after getting in from a trip.
4 days off, is just that 4 days off after a set of days on...which is mostly 6 in a row (6 turns, 2 x turns and a 4 day, 2 x 3 days, or any variation).

Basically we are 6 on 4 off, so many lines have 12-14 days off and three blocks of 6 days on. Its pretty good for the commuters, and pretty good for the junior guys because they will usually get one full weekend off and one other weekend day off somewhere in the month.

Here is the pay scale from the TA (it says draft but it is what the YES voters voted in)

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What does DOS+1 mean?

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