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Southwest submits proposal to acquire Frontier Airlines

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Just got the word. Ill submit proof later. Anyone who has the info please feel free to attach. We'll be bidding on Frontier on Aug 11
From SWALife me thinks.

Southwest Airlines Submits Nonbinding Proposal to Acquire Frontier Airlines

On Thursday, July 30, Southwest Airlines submitted a nonbinding proposal to acquire Frontier Airlines in accordance with the bidding procedures in the bankruptcy court. We view this as an exciting opportunity for the Employees and Customers of both Southwest and Frontier. It represents an opportunity for Southwest to grow our Denver Customers; grow our revenues; and grow our profits. We must caution, however, that this is merely a preliminary step in the bidding process.

We must submit a binding proposal by August 10. If there is more than one qualified investor, and at this time Republic Airways has also submitted a bid, an auction will be held beginning August 11. Frontier will determine, in consultation with the unsecured creditors committee, which bid to accept and present to the bankruptcy court for approval.

Although our plans may vary as we work our way through this process, we wanted to share with you our present plan as we envision it. Frontier would continue to operate independently and separately for a period of time with its Airbus aircraft and personnel. We do not intend to integrate the Airbus into our Boeing 737 fleet. As we are able to retire Airbus aircraft, we will add Boeing 737 aircraft. Over time, Frontier Employees would be hired into Southwest as needed to support our fleet growth and expanded operations. There are many details to be worked through, but we are confident that the effort will be worthwhile. We are also confident that our bid, if successful, will boost low-fare competition and benefit consumers in Denver and other cities our expanded network will serve.

Even if our bid is accepted and approved by the bankruptcy court, our closing on this transaction will be subject to several contingencies. These will include the negotiation of acceptable labor agreements dealing with the interim period of separate operation and seniority; and the appropriate regulatory review. Absent the negotiation of these labor agreements, we will not go forward with this transaction. However, we are confident that the benefits of such a transaction for Employees of both Southwest and Frontier will become self-evident and that we will be able to obtain such agreements.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about the possibilities inherent in this opportunity. Stay tuned!
Glad someone was gentlemanly enough to wait til the THIRD post before the Swingline comment came out....
Well if it goes through, hope everybody keeps thier job. I am at the bottom here at SWA. I wouldn't wish anybody and thier family to be on the street. Denver base here we come!
I sure hope SWA wins the bid over Republic- too much racing for the bottom lately. I would have to think even a worst case staple at SouthWest would be preferable to the Republic option for pretty much every employee group at F9. Good luck guys and girls of F9 whatever happens.
What was that sound? The pool being flushed.


BTW I'm in the pool. For now.

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