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Skywest New Pay Proposal........nice Slap In The Face.......lets Flush It Down!!!

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Yes and without some unity (alpa seems to be the only option) with ASA we are doomed to be dragged around like TSA and HoJetz. Pitted against eachother until the bitter end. It has taken over 4 years for us to reach this fatal agreement. WTF? UNION's take less time to negoitiate than our SAPA slacker's.
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labbats said:
Got it. But that still doesn't explain an entire pilot group saying that the amount of seats shouldn't reflect pay.
Imagine a B-737-600 with extra first and econ plus seating, making it 99 seats. That's what they are trying to avoid. They are trying to get the pay tied to an airframe.
The entire pilot group doesn't support all of our TA's. Skywest has hired close to 1000 pilots since JUN 2003. All of the wacko pay scales had been voted in just prior in the 1st qtr. of 2003. The ACE has been used and abused for over 4 years now.
Holy....what a slap in the face Bam y'all need to get a union and I mean right quick hopefully all your newbie kool-aid drinkers will vote it in.
well, its about time this airline did something wrong, i was begining to think that i would never hear anything wrong out of the skywest camp
The best part is there is no end to this "agreement". Pay rates will be revisited on a periodic basis and renegotiated between SAPA and management. What a crock. ALPA aint everything but I think it is finally time. The good news I think the pilots are finally unified about something.
Halo_RJdriver said:

"For those who have not recieved the email:

September 19, 2005

Fellow SkyWest Pilots,

The first draft of this letter was completed on Labor Day 2005, an appropriate day to conclude our pay negotiations. Feedback received since then led to a number of corrections and clarifications. The major provisions of the proposed agreement are as follows:

• Reclassification of Pay Scales

In response to feedback from our pilots indicating that pay scales should not be defined by seating ranges, SAPA proposed a reclassification of pay scales. The company has agreed to eliminate the 50-99 seat scale and replace it with a CL-65 scale; to eliminate the Turboprop scale and replace it with an EMB-120 scale; and to eliminate the 100-149 seat scale.

• Adoption of Schedule Enhancement Period (SEP)

An additional feature of bidding in a PBS environment is the ability to drop and pick up trips using a real-time computer interface (without having to call crew support) after lines have been built. The technology that will allow us to do this is currently in development. SEP will be made available to us as soon as the new software has been tested and is working.

• Extension of Reserve Callout Times in Certain Hubs

In domiciles where showing within 90 minutes has placed an undue strain on pilots, the company has agreed to increase the callout time to 2:00 hours. These domiciles are DEN, LAX and ORD.

• An Increase in Base Pay Rates

The predominant feature of this year’s pay negotiations has been SkyWest’s new performance and margin based incentive plans. In development for over two years, the company’s incentive plans now involve all employees, including pilots. The plans represent SkyWest’s philosophy of providing competitive base rates, plus opportunities for bonus compensation, to its employees. Many of you have indicated that you prefer a larger increase in base rates, as opposed to participation in the incentive plans. In response, we extended the pay talks to explore every feasible way to increase base rates. After considering several proposals from us, management has agreed to an across-the-board increase of 1.2% for all pilots, in addition to our continued participation in the incentive plans. While some may feel that 1.2% isn’t much, and we’d love to have been able to say it’s more, this percentage is consistent with the increase given to other employee groups who were already participating in the company bonus plan. This means that SkyWest pilots received the greatest increase in compensation of all SkyWest employee groups in the past year, consisting of the combined effect of the 1.2% increase in our base rates, in addition to gaining 100% participation in the new, company-wide incentive plans. Attached are tables that show the new rates including, for comparison purposes, the approximate effect that an $800 performance incentive and 6% margin has on our hourly rates. There is no arbitrary end-date. SAPA and management will periodically review these rates, and will negotiate appropriate rate tables when a new equipment type is introduced.

I wish to acknowledge and thank the members of our Pay Committee for their service and dedication to our pilot group during these extended negotiations. You will shortly receive information announcing the pay vote. In the meantime, I and other representatives will be available on the forums and via email to answer your questions. Upon the conclusion of our work with pay, our emphasis will shift to scheduling and reserve issues, and creation of a separate pilot policy manual.

Thank you all for your interest, feedback and patience while we worked through multiple scenarios to reach this agreement with our company’s management, which we now submit to you for your consideration.

SkyWest Airlines Pilot Association

Hey moron why would you post this here? "For those who have not recieved the e-mail" Do you think this is a SkyWest message board? My guess is you are a first year FO in a new jet that thinks you are the $hit. ALPA, yea that's the answer. ALPA has helped everybody elts, maybe you can be furlouged too.
"HERE IS THE LATEST SLAP IN THE FACE AT SKYWEST" I'd like to slap you in the face!
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Let's see here, how will they vote AGAIN? I predicted the last one---dead on. It will pass by a two thirds margin---again.

Bye Bye--General Lee
Bring it on melit! Try 4 year bro. Cpt. You couldn't slap your own shadow in the face. Do you want it sugar coated?
Oh and if I ever am furloughed at least I will be senior to you. Why don't you go hire on at HoJets. It's funny to see what all you anti-union cry babies do when you don't have someone to rat on.

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