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Skywest info?

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Well-known member
Dec 1, 2001
Hey Yall!

I was wondering in anyone has any information on the F/O pay scale at Sky West. Along with that, upgrade time and the likely-hood of getting based at DFW straight out of initial ground school.

I would really love to move back to Big D" and be able to have a decent paying flying job.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Question for Andy.
What is the hiring status/outlook at skywest.
Are they still using the point system, if so what's competitive.

I don't expect to see interviewing till the March-June time frame. We have about 70 people in the pool now. I expect we will have about 280 join SkyWest this year including the 20 currently in class.

As far as I know the point system is still being used. The averages for the current class show a reasonable climb in experience with 4 of the class having military flight backgrounds and several others coming from other regionals. The average flight time was in the neighborhood of 2500 total with about 1200 multi. We even have a couple who can hover.
Andy, I spoke to Ashley a couple of weeks ago and she told me about a late Febuary class. Is that class still going? It sounds like there aren't going to be as many pilots being hired this year. My question is, do you think Skywest is going to spread the classes throughout the year? I just hope it's not like last year. I couldn't make it to the Jan 2nd class, she only gave me 5 days to get to SLC. I wish now that I would have gone.

What I am planning on is 20 for 27 Feb and then 20-30 every 4 weeks for the rest of the year. DO NOT quit your job until you hear from us!
Just getting ready to ship out and I wanted to say thanks for your kind words. I hope the class is going well and hopefully I will see you soon.

PA34 - that 5 day notcie was probably my fault. I was activated right before the class start and Ashley was probably trying to fill my vacated spot.

Good luck to everyone in the Jan 2 class.

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