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Republic to operate EMB-190s for Midwest

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Guess that wasn't solid
Sep 18, 2003
I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. At least the FOs get to feel extra special by flying a bigger airplane for the same paycheck as flying a 135 with 1/3 as many seats! But it's ok, cause the engines are under the wings.

MILWAUKEE & INDIANAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Midwest Airlines and Republic Airways Holdings (NASDAQ: RJET - News) today announced an expansion of the air services agreement (ASA) between Midwest Airlines and Republic Airlines to include the addition of new Embraer 190AR jets. The E190s will be configured to seat 100 passengers in a single cabin with seating choice that includes 20 Signature seats. The initial order includes two of the E190AR aircraft.

The press release contains an error. It says Midwest has "Milwaukee's most daily nonstop flights". I bet Skywest operates the most daily non stop flights.

I respectfully request that mainline pilots stop giving away their flying.
In one sense its nice to things happening with the regionals in another is disgusting to think I will most likely make a career at one.
I just threw up in my mouth A LOT. ....

No surprise.
Funny thing is (well not funny for the midwest guys) midwest will fold and republic will have 190's they have to park. Cue republic pilots "I don't want these new big planes. I wish we would never got them" but deep down you know they are really very very excited for this chance to fly more planes at the expense of what was once a respected company and pilot group. You rep guys better get a HUGE pay raise or you are nothing but dirt.
You can't point at these guys and call them dirt because of a move management made.
However, if they don't fight for a mainline pay scale for these planes, I'll be sure to point and call names.

Edit: I see you guys already voted for 190 pay scale. Weak. And knowing that, maybe your names should be known as, Mud.
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