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Republic looking at Bombardier C-Series to Maybe Replace F9 Airbuses?

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Well-known member
Feb 25, 2006
Wouldn't happen for a few years if it happens. Airbus would probably work hard to provide competitive pricing - so, who knows... At least F9 Airbus pilots won't have to get used to a traditional yoke again - the C-Series uses side-sticks like the Airbus... Looks like a nice airplane:


and nice flight deck:


Let's hope the pay is comparable to the A320/19/18... See the article below:

Republic Airways eyeing Bombardier C-Series planes

Thu Dec 10, 2009 4:22pm EST

* Also talking to Airbus and Boeing
* Says Bombardier planes cheaper to buy, burn less fuel
* Company to likely make a decision on planes in Q1 2010
TORONTO, Dec 10 (Reuters) - Republic Airways Holdings (RJET.O) said it is evaluating Bombardier Inc's (BBDb.TO) new C-Series regional aircraft as it looks to fleet replacement at its low-cost Frontier Airlines subsidiary. Some 48 of 51 Airbus aircraft in Frontier's fleet are either owned or on leases that expire from 2013 to 2017, Hal Cooper, Republic's chief financial officer, said at a conference on Wednesday.

Republic closed the acquisition of the Denver-based regional carrier on Oct. 1 after Frontier emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.[ID:nN01269456]

"We are spending a lot of time with aircraft manufacturers trying to understand exactly what our refleeting options are," Cooper said, adding that they are also in talks with Airbus (EAD.PA) and Boeing (BA.N).
He said those two company's are offering lower operating costs for future deliveries and that their products would create long-term opportunities for any potential consolidation in the industry. However, he called the new 100-to-149-seat narrow-body Bombardier C-Series aircraft, due to come into service in 2013, "a pretty interesting opportunity."

Bombardier is "really marketing a 15 percent or higher lower fuel burn, lower acquisition cost, better operating cost, better mission capability and a higher degree of passenger comfort. That's a very interesting airplane to us."

"Unlike Airbus and unlike Boeing, we believe we can tap into some very attractive export financing through the EDC there," he said, referring to Export Development Canada, a government agency.
The company will likely make its decision on which airliners to go with in the first quarter of next year, he added.

Republic Chief Executive Brian Bedford said the company has purchasing commitments for four Airbus A320's in 2011 and another four in 2012, that it inherited when it bought Frontier. He stressed that they were just commitments, not obligations, and that Republic has the right to walk away from that contract with no cash damages.

Shares of Montreal-based Bombardier ended up 1.6 percent at C$4.58 on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Thursday. Shares of Republic were down 1.8 percent at $7.28 on the Nasdaq.
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Nice airplane

That's a nice looking airplane with a pretty advanced office up front. I agree that the F9 guys better do whatever possible to preserve or improve their pay rates if the switch to the C-Series is made.

What about Delta? Was Delta also considering the C-Series to replace its now aging Diesel 9s? Delta better hurry up before the line for the C-Series gets too long...
Maybe they will block off 11 seats and have to fly it under the existing contract:) ( which they will still be negotiating by the time it enters service)
Last I heard was that DAL does not want the geared engines due to the technology being so young.
Rumor has it that the Diesel 9 replacement is more MD80/90 aircraft.

The DC950's (124 seats) will be staying while the DC9 30(100seat), and DC940(110seat) will be retired by the end of 2010.
Just curious about seating on the F9 A318s, A319s and A320s. Does an A318 seat more than 110 seats? Not sure because I have never flown on the A318. I would think that a 149-seat C-Series would fit somewhere between an A319 and an A320 - right?
Most of our 318's have 120 seats, most of the 319's have 136, and the 320's are 154 at Frontier. So, yes, the C-Series would be somewhere between a 319 and a 320...
The article mentioned that your company is likely to make a decision on planes in Q1 2010 - so, at least you'll know sooner than later. With low interest rates and manufacturers spinning their wheels, I guess now is the time to do some deals...
Most of our 318's have 120 seats, most of the 319's have 136, and the 320's are 154 at Frontier. So, yes, the C-Series would be somewhere between a 319 and a 320...

I thought we had 162 on the 320's...

also your "most" should be replaced with "all" every time you use it above.
Maybe they will get a deal to swap out a lot of the older CHQ CRJs for the newer C-Series (as part of a total package). I am sure Bombardier is anxious to get some big names signed-on for the new aircraft.

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