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Re: American

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New member
Dec 2, 2001
Re: American

I am one of the initial 386 furloughed at AA that will forever be junior to the TWA group. I read my APA news and AA Pilot info everyday. I guess what I want to know is what is going on out there. I feel sheltered from the rumor mill and I need info. I know that it will only be rumors but I am wondering if the rumors are 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, etc. until the first pilot might be called back. Of course we never know but......

We have 595 at AA on furlough and 229 at TWA on furlough. I hope that when they call the 209 back from Nov. 8 to correct the seniority issue they will not replace it with 209 TWA folks. What have you all heard?

This has been an unfortunate time for our country and our industry. I wish everyone the best during this difficult time.
Take this with a grain of salt...

You may have read the info below from the aapilots website's Ask & Answer section. For me the answers below provide the best indicator I've seen to when those of us from the esteemed 386 might expect a recall. In short, 90% schedule in 6 months; 100% within 5 years; no newhire activity for at least 2 years.

My assessment in a nutshell is that I'm confident we'll have a job to come back to at AA eventually--at least the Wall Street analysts seem to think so. As for when? Well, it's time to find another job for awhile.

Good luck and remember to count your blessings that you do hold an AA seniority number which is more than the poor saps who had the 9/11 door slam on them before they even had a chance to interview.


Here's the info. I changed the salient parts to boldface type.

Employment Application Status
Q: A friend of mine asked me what will be done with his application at AA. What can I tell him? Will he need to re-apply when we begin hiring again? Should he continue to update his application?

A: We have ceased all activity in regards to our pilot recruitment. He does not need to continue to update as we are not processing. It is still too soon to tell how recruitment will be done in the future. We do not plan on any activity for at least two years.

Anne Evans
Director Flight Administration

Corporate Plan for Recovery
Q: Can you summarize corporate's plan for recovery. We keep hearing about AA's attempts to trim costs; and based on Don Carty's recent speeches and interviews, we've done a remarkably good job of doing just that. I'd like to know what AA's "big picture" includes. Where does AA plan on being in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years from now; and how do we propose getting there?

A: We are still refining the big picture. Today we are about 80% of what we were before September 11th. In six months we hope to see that number increase - hopefully close to 90%. It is difficult to say if we will be at 100% in a year. That depends on many outside factors - including the war in Afghanistan. I would expect we will be well past the 100% stage in five years. Our plans are to be a larger, stronger airline by then. I wish I could be more specific, but there are too many variables.
Anybody's guess is the best answer I have heard or believe. I am committed for the long haul. But we will be back.

Keep the faith.
Can a mod give me a reason this guy hasn't been kicked off this site yet?
No significant movement until the first 65ers start retiring in 2012... at least that's my opinion.

We currently have over 300 pilots at AA over 60, the big unknown is, will they hold out till the end or will they retire at 62, or 63? The B-fund is slowly coming back up, maybe that will produce some early outs, but nothing significant.

Currently AA is slightly overmanned for winter/spring but just right/slightly undermanned for next summer. The new summer 2010 manning/capacity #s should be out any day now, that will determine what AA will do next year. A furlough is not out of the question, nor is a recall, although I've been told a furlough is unlikely. AA tends to not furlough if they won't be out for less than 2 years, which is about the time the 65ers start retiring.

Once that happens, the movement on this seniority list will really be astronomical. If I'm lucky I just might see a CA upgrade in the next 8-10 years! (for a 20 year upgrade..)

Stay tuned....
60 in 2012
177 in 2013
250 in 2014
277 in 2015

and it keeps getting bigger, from the 400s all the way up to 700 in 2022. Keep in mind this does not take unplanned leaves into account.
The ask and answer that you posted was signed by "kude". Kudwa hasn't been chief pilot for many years, that real old intel.

We have 3 more years before the age 60 guys turn 65, so no movement until then. Even at that point their are still 1888 pilots on furlough. If half decide to accept recall (lets call it 950), you are then dealing with a school house issue. 50 a month on average would be a lot for training and line checks along with upgrades considering the 3 MD80's are going for every 2 737's.

950/50/12month= A year and a half for everyone to get offered a recall. That's 4.5 years from now. Then they go in reverse order back up the list. Some guys will come back on the second call (me being one). Add another 6 months to train those guys and you are still looking at 5 years from now or IMHO 2015 before you see the first new hire at AA.

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