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Possible New Fall Staffing Solution at ASA

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Flies With The Hat On
Mar 31, 2006
~30 furloughs are bypassing, Fall flight hours are not dropping off.

Solution: Rush PBS in by the end of August so ASA don't have to hire or run as many upgrades.

We all lost relativity by voting in PBS.
Bypassing??? I thought if they didn't come back they were done. I agree WTF is the union doing bending over backwards for the company. 3 runs in like 2 weeks??? worthless, sure I'll be working this Christmas haven't worked one in 8 years.
Let's put it tihs way. Our MEC is not interested in the well-being of the pilot group. They are self-absorbed, and unless you are a reckless senior pilot, they won't do much for you.

It's also possible that they are just plain stupid. BH and CT are pretty intelligent, and they can play our MEC like a piano. A good piano. Like a Steinway. Or maybe a Yamaha. Yeah a Yamaha. Definitely a Yamaha.

Sigh. I wouldn't know. I don't play the Piano.
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i had a thought that a lot of furloughs selected last class available as a loop hole to get around "be recalled or be removed" part of the contract. You get the last class, it gives you more time to think or wait for something to happen, and if it doesn't then you resign before your class starts. It is just a loop hole to buy more time.
Good thing they're not in control of our future QOL, wait oh man were SOL. When's the last time our master super duper MEC pres flew??????

Yea Yea, I know he's busy working for us right......
There is absolutely no purpose to bidding on the SAME LINES 2 weeks apart. People will either not change their original bid or will bid something unrealistic compared to what they would usually.....either way it makes "re-bidding" on the same lines completely pointless.

The goal isn't just to learn how to use the FLICA interface....but to see the results and how you would fare against others. By making the 2nd and 3rd bid "cycles" essentially worthless, the whole exercise becomes a waste.

Thanks ALPA...go screw yourselves
If you like what Age 65 has done to every airline pilot in the United States then you can help bring more results like that to your very own airline with PBS!

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