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Pinacle starting to interview

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Nov 1, 2005
I had an interview scheduled with Pinacle and then NW went up in flames and it was terminated. I recieved an e-mail yesterday that they are now beginning to hire. I got my interview re-scheduled for the 14th of Nov. So if anyone is interested in working at Pinacle put in your resume. In the e-mail it said they had 8 class dates set and needed 16 people per date. Thats quite a few people..so should be interesting to see what happends.

And for all the nay sayers that will come and bash Pinnacle please don't. If you wanna work at Pinnacle send it in now!
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At inital send of the resume when I was accepted I had 1100 total 340 multi.
They have a decent offer of $1,000.00 if you finish training and they pay $200.00 a week for training. They also offer a $500.00 if you recomend someone and they finish training.
Thats to replace the high number of ones who quit!

They just parked 15 CRJs as of Oct 31, and they are already hiring again?

8 classes, 16 pilots/class = 128 newhires coming !?!

I can't even begin to imagine what the attrition rate must be!

Anyone able to provide a number of FOs and Capts. leaving per month? Is it mostly FOs leaving, or a mixture of both, like 50% Capts and 50% FOs per month?
psysix said:
What's the QOL for reserves?

Max 10 days off. Throw in the obligatory extensions and junior assignments and it can be more than frustrating. SJS wears off pretty quick for the Rookies. Unless you live in domicile and that just takes the commuting factor out of the equation.
Pinnacle is hiring because they can't adequately staff an airline. Not a jab, that's a fact.

Pinnacle is cancelling 5-10 flights a day already due to lack of crews. This is before all of their pilots start timing out for the year very soon. Pinnacle has called furloughed Mesaba pilots offering them signing bonuses to come to Pinnacle.

Just my own thought, but how can Pinnacle worry about starting and running a new certificate when they can't manage and staff the one they have? I don't get it.

By the way, good luck with the negotiations 9E guys and gals. We are already feeling the KY job at XJ, and I'm sure it's only going to head south at some point. Remember, we are all on the same team.

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