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nwa pilots nordo for 3 hours, not 45 minutes.

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Just woke up from a Northwest "nap" Didn't hear my alarm, numerous calls from my boss, my roommate banging on my door, etc. Very peaceful.

Report: NWA Flight Had No Contact for 3 Hours

Published : Thursday, 05 Nov 2009, 11:17 AM CST
WASHINGTON - FOX News has learned Northwest Airlines Flight 188 that overshot Minneapolis by 150 miles in October was out of contact with air traffic controllers for approximately three hours, and NORAD was not informed until the last few minutes.
Sources told FOX News there were three NORDO's --- or non-contacts -- the first one occurring shortly after the plane reached cruising altitude out of San Diego. The military was not notified until after the third NORDO -- which occurred as the plane approached Minneapolis.
Once NORAD was notified -- it had fighter jets ready on the runway within five minutes.
National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Ted Lopatkiewicz said Thursday the pilots have filed appeals with the safety board.

The Federal Aviation Administration revoked the licenses of Captain Timothy Cheney of Gig Harbor, Washington, and First Officer Richard Cole of Salem, Oregon on Oct. 27. The FAA said the pilots put the safety of the 144 passengers of Northwest Flight 188 at risk.

Cheney and Cole told investigators they didn't realize their mistake until contacted by a flight attendant. They said they lost track of time and place while using their laptop computers. Air traffic controllers lost radio communication with the pilots for 91 minutes, raising national security concerns.

The pilots violated numerous federal regulations, including failing to comply with air traffic control instructions and clearances and operating their aircraft carelessly and recklessly, the FAA said.
"You engaged in conduct that put your passengers and your crew in serious jeopardy," FAA regional counsel Eddie Thomas wrote Cheney in a letter accompanying the revocation order. "NW188 was without communication with any air traffic control facility and with its company dispatcher for a period of 91 minutes (over 1.5 hours) while you were on a frolic of your own. Failing to comply with ATC clearances or instructions while engaged in air carrier operations is extremely reckless."
A similar letter was sent to Cole.
At 7:58 p.m. CDT on Oct. 21, the plane flew over MSP Airport and continued northeast for approximately 150 miles. The MSP air traffic controller reestablished communications with the crew at 8:14 p.m. and said that the crew had become distracted and had overflown MSP, and requested to return to Minneapolis.
Fox news just reported that the first point of loss of communication was at top of climb. Wow.

Get off the FOX crackpipe and get your information from a reputable source.

This is from the actual revocation of the captain's certificate. If I had a link I would post it, but I got the file emailed to me:

17. During the course of the above flight, NW188 was without radio contact for approximately ninety-one (91) minutes.
Uhhh....what? You shouldn't be drinking so early.
it's a day off, the drinking light was illuminated when the front door was opened. "Drunk by Brunch" club!
Qcappy, quite being a jackass. The fact that it's being reported as without communication for 3 hours total is news. I agree that I want to see the source of the information rather than relying 100 percent upon the report, but quite frankly your random comments concerning crackpipes and drinking early is more juvenile than either an incorrect report from fox news or my reporting a potentially incorrect report from fox news.

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