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Non-IFR..When is final approach determined?

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I have a member
Jun 10, 2002
If you're on a straight in to a runway, at what distance or position are you actually on final approach? No FAF either. Just a VFR airport.:confused:

Thanks in advance
pilotmiketx said:
Riddle Instructor: 10 miles
So true. The long, slow finals and wide patterns around here drive me nuts..

However long it takes you to configure your aircraft for landing and stabilize your approach is my answer, btw....

For radio call purposes...5 miles sounds good.

But your actual final approach "mode" would be what I said above, IMO. If thats a misguided notion, my apologies in advance.
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I need something more concrete. Are there any FAR's, AIM, ATC rules that give it some substance.
I am not so sure that such an animal exists in the FARs. My personal rule of thumb would be to say where you would normally make a base to final turn is final approach, if in the pattern. In spam cans I try to, personally, keep that inside a mile.
I don't think a FAF is defined for Visual approaches. My guess would be on a stabilized final, On GS, aligned with centerline,On speed, Engines spooled up, in the final landing configuartion.
zugzug said:
No glideslope. Just a VFR airport.
He means glideslope not in the sense of the ILS instrument.

You are always on some kind of glide slope...you just get help on an ILS approach.
The reason I am asking is all the talk about straight in finals.

Also, All glideslopes continue into infinity.

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