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No more Skywest flying for Midwest

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Oct 10, 2005
Midwest gets additional funding

Midwest Airlines said it has obtained $12 mllion in additional debt financing.
One-half of the funding comes from TPG Capital, the private equity firm that is Midwest's principal owner. The other $6 million comes from Republic Airways, which provided Midwest with funding last year as part of an agreement to operate a dozen regional jets for Midwest.
Based in Milwaukee, Midwest and Republic operate 16 daily flights from KCI to seven cities.
Republic's additional financing also means the Indianapolis-based carrier will provide 12 more regional jets for Midwest's flight schedule. Midwest said it has terminated the agreement with its other regional partner, SkyWest Airlines.
Once the second busiest carrier at KCI, Midwest shrank dramatically last year when soaring fuel prices rocked the airline industry and forced most carriers to cut flights and seats.
What is the source on this one? I can't find anything on it.
and it will be 12 rjs for Republic...man o man the bank is getting smaller and smaller for Republic. Another 6 million $ loan. When that place burns down...maybe Republic will burn with it?


Bold (possibly stupid) move. I think Republic's profit last quarter was all of 1 million. Not to mention, SWA is going into MKE, AirTran is trying to take over MKE...is another "branded" rj operation in a city 60 miles north of Chicago a good idea?

Only time will tell. I'm honestly relieved that SkyW got out of this. This was a long time coming, and a "money pit" for the last 18 months.

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