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New Livery for Jetblue

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Well-known member
Nov 15, 2002
On Tuesday, October 13, Jetblue will unveil its new livery. The current paint scheme is nearing 10 years old in February 2010, a record for this industry (Delta had 5 if you include Song)!!! The white top, blue bottom fuselages are very popular among Delta, United, and USAirways-- similarly, Airtran and Spirit too have white and blue... I'm certain we'll have some blue in our new livery, considering the name and all... I guess we'll see tomorrow!!!
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Maybe they will be smart like SWA and paint the whole plane blue so that after 3 months it actually looks purple.....
I like AA's silver. I wonder why we need to spend money on this particular capital project when we're still working on infrastructure to actually make the airline run properly. Maybe instead we could hire a few more dispatchers and actually have real flight-following? Nah....
AA's polished aluminum will always be around, until we get all composite airframes (think 787), in which case who knows. What they should update are the titles and stripes, very 70s.

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